Art Tumblr

I will be putting some new pictures up on the blog soon, but in the meantime I have gone with a new theme for my art tumblr – see what you think. I put all my stuff up there – good and bad – just after I have finished it, plus the occasional work in progress. It takes a short while to load but shows all the pictures on one page – eventually. To get there just click the image on the left. Continue reading Art Tumblr

Watercolours – Brede

I started this part of the blog to track my progress on the art course I am doing, which is primarily oils, but I thought it might be interesting to also post some past efforts and so will so this under three categories – charcoal, watercolours and acrylics. Firstly some watercolours. I have been doing watercolours since I was a kid. I tend to do them on holidays as a form of relaxation. All the pictures below and in other blogs were done total in situ – i.e. sitting outside in front of the scene, with the pad resting on … Continue reading Watercolours – Brede

Watercolours along the Thames

I uncovered this series whilst clearing out a cupboard this week. In August 2005 I did a one week course in watercolours. Each day a group of about ten of us worked our way along the Thames from Putney to Eel Pie Island- five locations in five days. So we would be painting for about five hours outdoors with a break for a pub lunch. ¬†Five consecutive days of intense painting. The key questions were, would there be any perceivable improvement as a result and – as this was London in August – how wet and cold would we get. … Continue reading Watercolours along the Thames