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Top tracks of 2016 #9 – James, Toy & PJ Harvey

I am sticking with the political theme of my last choice with this video for the James track ‘To My Surprise’.

The video was made much earlier in the year, so the dystopian world it depicts seems far more real, looked at in the cold light of December . Whatever the pink liquid that the heroine is carrying, we certainly could do with some of that in 2017 – you will see what I mean.

A brilliant animation, directed by Chris Merc and a fine song from the underrated James, with that trademark awkward danceability. No idea whether it charted, but its repeated use of the word ‘arsehole’ may have limited its plays on Radio 2…

By the way who is Donald Trump kissing at 3:20? It can’t be Birmingham’s new manager surely?

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