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Top tracks of 2016 #11 – The Kills, Temples & Primal Scream

Are videos still a ‘thing’ now? This year I saw the wonderful film Sing Street – all about a young Irish band in the 80s and their Duran/Cure inspired attempts to shoot mini epics on the streets of Dublin, which left me wondering how many videos nowadays don’t always make much of an effort, tending to be either performance based, or increasingly the artist is not in the video at all,  as it is handed over to a film-maker mate to do a video that echoes the song (or not).

I guess this is because there is no real broadcast place for videos nowadays, no TOTP exclusive – TV is obsessed with live performance now, so promos exist in the hazy non-linear world of YouTube.

With that in mind it is nice to see The Kills making an effort with this one – not least being bothered to turn up and actually be in it as well. I also liked the follow up single, Heart of A Dog, but the video shades it for me, which has a ‘can’t have been cheap’ 80s vibe to it.

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