Tracks of the Year: Number 17s

  I was walking down the Strand the other day past Kings College and noticed a series of large photos running across the front of all the famous politicians, philosophers and comedians who went there (Wellington, Florence Nightingale, Desmond Tutu et al) and noticed amongst them Kele Okereke, presumably to get their cool quotient up. I have rather lost touch with Bloc Party since their first album, but always enjoy it when a Kele solo track comes on the radio and this is a particularly good one called ‘Doubt’. The follow up ‘Closer’ is good also. I must get round to … Continue reading Tracks of the Year: Number 17s

Watercolours – Brede

I started this part of the blog to track my progress on the art course I am doing, which is primarily oils, but I thought it might be interesting to also post some past efforts and so will so this under three categories – charcoal, watercolours and acrylics. Firstly some watercolours. I have been doing watercolours since I was a kid. I tend to do them on holidays as a form of relaxation. All the pictures below and in other blogs were done total in situ – i.e. sitting outside in front of the scene, with the pad resting on … Continue reading Watercolours – Brede