Two Street Scenes

Our project last term at Putney School of Art & Design was about ‘space’  – see earlier post – and culminated in two street scenes. One was conducted at the class and one at home. In the class I did a painting of Amsterdam, taken from a fairly touristy photo I took a few years ago. Oil on oil paper:     The second is of the sea front in Positano, near Naples on the Italian Riviera. This one is oil on canvas:       Here for the record are the two original photos:           … Continue reading Two Street Scenes

Manhattan Skyline: a river of brake lights on Sixth

  This oil painting, which I finished last weekend, is of the view from the 20th floor of the Trump Soho hotel in Manhattan, looking up 6th Avenue and all the way through to Central Park. I stayed in the hotel for a week whilst attending a media conference ( “The World Audiences Summit”) and this was the view every night as I lay in bed listening to Frank Sinatra and trying to unwind. I particularly liked the way that the Avenue completely bisected the downtown area with the skyscrapers creating two cliffs – like Moses parting the Red Sea. … Continue reading Manhattan Skyline: a river of brake lights on Sixth

Project 3: Space and Cubism

Nothing too spectacular this time, but here is this half-terms art project. This was all about space and the relationship between objects. Particularly negative space, that is the gap between objects. So what we have in this blog is a series of monotone drawings, finally ending up with some more colour in a cubist ‘piece’     So to warm up, a simple pencil drawings of some objects arranged in the middle of the studio. The mannequin will feature a few times in this particular post. Then a charcoal and chalk drawing that is ‘reduced’ – it started with the … Continue reading Project 3: Space and Cubism


Yes a bit of an art cliche I know. These are fairly large acrylics – about A1 sized and, rarely for me, were done from photographs. Not much more to say than that. I am not a gardener so can’t even say what type of flower they are as I haven’t kept the photos. Perhaps someone can tell me. I have posted them in descending order of how successful I think they are. Hopefully they will cheer you up on a wintery day if nothing else. Continue reading Flowers!