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Trans Europa Express – It’s a Wrap

Well ladies and gentleman we made it. The list is complete. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions – we are nothing if not eclectic.

You can see the final list of all the artists for each day in one handy page here. Thanks to Gerard for helping sort the headings out.

We’ll be back at the end of the year with our infamous end of year lists and I will post from time to time – I can feel an art-related post coming on soon.

In the meantime any suggestions for a theme for next Spring? Just to remind you I have re- indexed a page for the last three themes we have done. Just click below to have a look ( or remind yourself ).
Remember you have to click on each heading to see the comments underneath.

Monkees2013: The Pleasure Principle (guilty pleasures)



2014: Lost in Time (overlooked classics)


SG    2015: Sounds like Summer



Dury 2Plus ‘‘Killer B’s (Some  B-Sides I snuck out while no one was looking)



Trans Europa Express – Day 10: The Hives, Yr Anhrefn, Focus, Rita Ora &The Wannadies

TEE InfoAnd so our European tour is  done. France v Romania kicks off tomorrow (Friday) starting a celebration of European football that just happens to have a Brexit vote slap bang in the middle of it.


For those keeping count we have taken in 19 separate European countries as follows:

Germany 11, France 8,  Sweden 5, Iceland 4,Spain 3, Norway 3, Denmark 2, Belgium 2, Holland 2, Greece 2, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Latvia, Russia, & Yugoslavia two songs about Europe generally. Of course that may change depending on what gets posted below, so I will revisit it tomorrow.

My final choice is The Hives from Sweden. Taken from the optimistically titled album ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’ this is ‘I Hate To Say I Told You So’.

Choices for today below from Andy,Sindy & Gerard plus you can enjoy all ten days of the final playlist in one easy list here…

Meanwhile Roy sent his choice in via email as he is off somewhere or other – so over to him…

By the time this is posted I’ll be en France, building up to the Wales V Slovakia game in Bordeaux . As Andy has previously (helpfully) pointed out, Wales haven’t qualified for a major football tournament since the 1958 World Cup, where we reached the quarters only to be knocked out by the eventual winners Brazil.

Since then its been a tale of constant woe and despair for Welsh football – so 2016 is a very big deal indeed – even more so as we now have one of the best players in the World….…Hal Robson Kanu – so you can keep your going around the back and 30 years of hurt nonsense.
From the Celtic fringes of Europe I give you North Wales answer to Stiff Little Fingers, Yr Anhrefn, with a welsh punk anthem called ‘Rhedeg i Paris’ (Run to Paris). Released in 1990 it was quite literally ahead of its time. DEWCH YMLAEN CYMRU (Come On Wales)


Trans Europa Express – Day 9: Björk, Holger Czukay, Shocking Blue, Marina Kaye & Mike Oldfield

TEE InfoJust one day to go and I am heading back to Iceland. I was tempted by various Sugarcubes tracks, but in the end went for Björk as a solo artist with ‘Human Behaviour’.

Largely because it’s a great song, but also as I love the video – a Michel Gondry video was the ultimate 90s fashion accessory.

I do appreciate this doesn’t add to our countries list, but due to a sterling group effort we have spanned well over 20 countries – I will do a full list tomorrow.

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Margaret & Gerard, plus the list so far here



Trans Europa Express – Day Eight: Rammstein,Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Pinkshinyultrablast, Charles Aznavour & Jean-Michel Jarre

TEE InfoIt’s the anti-penultimate day of Trans Europa Express, which means that Euro 2016 is nearly upon us. So what better way to stoke anticipation than a video with ants playing football. And that is the least bonkers part of the video.

This is of course ‘Links 1,2,3,4’ by the shy and retiring stars of the  Neue Deutsche Härte, Rammstein .

Translated the chorus is “my heart beats to the left, 2-3-4”, referencing a Berthold Brecht  1930s revolutionary song.

The video represents the struggle between right wing beetles and left wing ants. Who will win? Fight!

Interesting choices below from Roy, Andy, Gerard & Margaret plus the list so far here


Trans Europa Express – Day 7: Röyksopp, Foals, Carnival Youth, Front 242 & Vangelis

TEE InfoOff to Bergen today for this track from the Norwegian duo Röyksopp. Scary to think that their debut album, Melody A.M., from whence this track came, is now 15 years old.

Here is the live version of Poor Leno from Glastonbury 2003, which I particularly like as it has a real Faithless vibe to it, which is not a bad template to follow for live dance music…

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Gerard & Margaret, plus the list so far here





Trans Europa Express – Day Six: Propaganda, The Raveonettes, Dubblestandart, Die Krupps, Krokus & OMD

TEE InfoAt the halfway point in this project we’ve visited eleven countries. I will do a final listing on day 10, but I’m not going to add to that total today.

Yesterday I posted an English artist singing in German, so here is a German band singing in English. Propaganda were formed out of the German industrial band Die Krupps and represented an attempt to find an unlikely common ground between Abba and D.A.F.  Signed to Trevor Horn’s ZTT and mentored by Paul Morley, they did have a chart hit with Duel, but arguably ‘The Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse’ is their crowning glory.  Despite some fantastic music the 80s will never be a ‘cool’ decade in the way that 50s and 60s fashions now seem chic, but Propaganda came the closest of anyone to defining a kind of 80s elegance.

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Sergio, Gerard & Margaret, plus the list so far here


Trans Europa Express – Day Five: Peter Gabriel, The Mobiles, Axelle Red & Choir of Young Believers

On today’s exciting instalment of ‘Trans Europa Express’ : How Peter Gabriel help me get my German A-Level….

Not a lot of people know that Peter Gabriel was in the habit of re-recording whole albums in German and this is – appropriately enough – a German recording of  ‘Games Without Frontiers’.
jeuxsansAs older readers may recall, back in the 70s we didn’t just have Eurovision to warm our competitive European hearts, we also had the European version of ‘It’s A Knock Out’ – Jeux Sans Frontières, in which teams from (Western) Europe would compete in the sort of wacky games now  beloved at horrific corporate bonding away days – for example  dressing up as Ostriches and throwing eggs at Belgians. Think ‘Wipeout’ crossed with Euro2016.

jsf90_banja06It all got surprisingly competitive and I can’t help feeling that the Brexit referendum would not be necessary had we not just channeled Nigel Farage’s frustrations into  dressing as a giant snail somewhere on a rain-soaked athletics ground in Ghent.

It was satirised by Gabriel in today’s entry from 1980. So it is a song about European (dis) harmony sung in German: that should get me double points and as a result I am playing my joker today….

Choices from Roy and Andy are below, whilst the list so far is here