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Top Tracks of 2015 – Number One: The Barr Brothers, John Grant & Eagles Of Death Metal

My number one breaks the trend that tracks released at the very start of the year tend to fade away compared to more recent ones. From the moment I heard it I fell in love with it. The Barr Brothers are Canadian, which I think explains the strange Boy Scout uniform in the video – or is he a Boy Mountie?

Not to everyone’s tastes I suspect, but it builds in a lovely way and has the most glorious fuzzy guitar solo two thirds of the way.  The album is great as well, but this is the standout track. My song of the year is ‘Come In The Water’ by the Barr Brothers.

Just 2,851 YouTube views? Internet: hang your head in shame!

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Top tracks of 2015- Number 2: Public Service Broadcasting, Everything Everything & Tame Impala

and the runner up is…. ‘Go’ by Public Service Broadcasting, the effervescent second single from the outstanding album the Race For Space, which in just under an hour charts 30 years of space exploration. It’s a strangely moving album, given an additional relevancy by Tim Peake blasting into the stratosphere last week.

After the first PSB album I wasn’t sure where they went from there, but the answer seems to be thematic and this works a treat. Roy’s number 12 is my number 2.




Top tracks of 2015 – Number 3: Everything, Everything, Tame Impala & Beck

I’m still resisting the temptation to look at Roy’s predictions of my Top 4, but I suspect he got this one at least half right.  Up until the Autumn this would have been ‘Distant Past’, but ‘No Reptiles’  is now my favourite track on the album and has indeed been released as a ‘single’ now, so under the Mouldycliff (one track per artist) it usurps ‘Distant Past’ and receives my Bronze Medal for 2015.

This may not be a surprise to Andy, not only is he seemingly now part of the band’s entourage, this track is also a particular favourite of the next Mouldyclff generation.  From one of the best albums of the year, both musically and lyrically, this is a mesmeric live performance of ‘No Reptiles’

‘I’m going to kill a stranger/ So don’t you be a stranger/ oh baby it’s alright/it’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair”


Top tracks of 2015: Number 4 – Mercury Rev, Kurt Vile & Foals

Roy is now so confident he knows what my Top 4 is going to be that he has sent me an email predicting them, only to be opened after the full lists have been revealed. So from his perspective this now turns into a four horse accumulator and the first horse to romp home is ‘Are You Ready?’ by Mercury Rev.  I haven’t been  huge fan up to now, but really like their album ‘The Light In You’, to the extent I actually bought it – in this new world of streaming I actually only bought about 10 albums this year, although regularly listen to about 40 or so.

I am somewhat bemused that this has just 47,997 hits on YouTube. Compare that to the 10m+ for Chemical Brothers at number 7. I thought Mercury Rev were quite popular. They should be.

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Top tracks of 2015 – Number 5: New Order, Cheetahs, The Maccabees

You have no idea how much pleasure it gives me to be able to include a new New Order track in my Twenty for the first time in a decade. Not only a new track, but one that has been all over the radio for the last couple of months and from an album almost universally acclaimed as their best since Low Life.

There is no official video, but there is this remarkably good fan edited video.

An ‘unelectable’ left wing Labour leader, Chelsea in  a relegation scrap, a new Star Wars film and a new New Order album – it’s the early Eighties all over again.

It’s been a year in which ‘algorithms’ are the buzz word. I reckon that if you constructed an algorithm that took account of historical influencet, innovation, longevity, live performance, variety and sheer cussedness it would output New Order as the best band ever.

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Top tracks of 2015 – Number 6: Foals, The Staves, Chemical Brothers

Posted slightly later than normal due to Jose’s sacking today. Many theories abound, but I guess we may never really know ‘What Went Down’.

My Twenty this year has had a strange shape to it, in so far as when I sat down to think about it I had six tracks that were first choices for the team sheet, and then a much wider squad of around 40 from which to pick the other 16. That is no reflection on the 16 so far, it has been another really good year, but it has been a while since a select group of tracks were so far ahead of the rest. So with today we embark on these six. Any of them could have been my Number One in some other year, so don’t read too much into the order. However there has to be a number six, so here, with another thrilling live performance of What Went Down are Foals. Already nominated by Roy as his number 11, this is from a Radio 1 session at Maida Vale. The atmosphere is fantastic, kudos to the film crew.

Top tracks of 2015: Number 7 – Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip & Blur

Well to be precise the Chemical Brothers featuring Q Tip.  It does sound pretty much like you would expect a Chemical Brothers track to sound and the video looks, well, exactly like you would expect a Michel Gondry video to look. Nothing wrong with that but it is the baseline that lifts it above the average. The sort of baseline that cries out to be sampled. Unless some bright spark can tell me it already is a sample. So we have the second track called ‘Go’ in our Festive Twenties.

Roy and Andy’s choices are below, whilst the whole list so far is here