The Follycast: a ‘Rivers of London’ podcast



RIVERS 6The Uncertain Smile has a lot of unexpected time on its hands and that means we can do some of the things we have been thinking about doing, but not got around to.

That includes clearing out the cupboards under the sink (how long is it safe to keep drain cleaner?) as well as launching a new read-along podcast for the Rivers Of London book series by Ben Aaronovitch.

We will be releasing a podcast every three weeks from the week of 13th April to allow new readers to follow through the series.

You can read all about the podcast and how you can give feedback to be included in the first episode over on our special Follycast section. This is where the podcasts will appear, as well as on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

Stay tuned for further special projects once those storage boxes under the bed have been investigated.

2 thoughts on “The Follycast: a ‘Rivers of London’ podcast

    1. Hi Anne – good to have you onboard. I have been running a media industry podcast for the last five years so it will be nice to switch from that to literary pursuits. In other news we have brought forward our summer themed playlist – hopefully you got an alert about that as well. Ironically we didn’t do one last summer as I was too busy with work – not an issue at the moment!

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