Starting 30th March for ten days….

As followers of the Uncertain Smile will know, whilst each Christmas we do a rundown of our songs of the year, in the summer we loosen up a bit and pick songs around a theme. We thought it might be a pleasurable distraction for us and for you in this period of ‘social distancing’ and isolation to just pretend it’s summer and bring the project forward.

Think of it as a growing crowdsourced playlist: each day for ten days,  Roy, Ian, myself and hopefully some other guests will each post a new track and invite you to do so in the replies. At the end we will collate them as Spotify and YouTube playlists.

So the challenge the Uncertain Smile is setting for our musical hive mind of bloggers and followers is (drum roll)….

That moment when..

We’re going to be building a playlist of songs that have that special moment. .

.. .when the vocal soars, the mood changes, the chorus kicks in, the baseline drops or that special moment or part of a song when something completely unexpected happens.

Join us to add your nominations from 30th March for ten days only…

To get you in the mood, variously over the last few years we have played around with these ten day themes:

2018: Covered In Glory: Covers better than the originals

2017: Protest Songs. Political music

2016: Trans Europa Express: Songs from and about Europe

2015: Sounds Like Summer: Obvious really

2014: Lost in Time: Forgotten classics

2013: The Pleasure Principle: Guilty pleasures

If you’d like to contribute to the growing playlist, you’re more than welcome to post nominations in the comments for each days blog from Monday 30th March – so get your thinking caps on!  Or indeed you could even revisit one of our earlier themes if we have missed something obvious.

Clearly taste is subjective and not definitive. The Uncertain Smile is a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder: so long as you personally love it, then that’s fine: we aren’t here to judge.

See you on Monday the 30th and thanks to Ian for the theme suggestion.


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