Farewell Pete Shelley

So farewell then Pete Shelley. Just this Monday in my graphic design class we were admiring the work of Linder, who designed the Orgasm Addict image and I was reflecting that punk and new wave has now become an accepted part of both music and art history, with 1977 as distant from us now as the 1930s were then. I am sure the classic Buzzcocks singles will rightly be getting an airing over the next few days, but this was always my favourite Peter Shelley track, his first single ‘Homo Sapien’. Although it wasn’t a hit, for me at the time it was the bridge between punk and early 80s electronic pop and, I think, one of the first 12 inch singles I bought and certainly the first dance remix. The regular single is great, but this version soars and shimmers. RIP.

3 thoughts on “Farewell Pete Shelley

  1. That run of magical Buzzcocks singles between 77 and 80 soundtracked my adolescence and even now when I listen to them, reminds me of growing up in my backwater North Wales town and getting the bus to town to buy the singles from WH Smith’s because they were a genuine chart act . Those singles set the template for the ‘indie’ bands that followed and Shelley also wrote one of, if not the greatest post-punk singles, ‘Shot By Both Sides’ , for his friend Howard Devoto also a big hit for Magazine .

      1. Its the track ‘Lipstick’ on the B-side of Promises that Devoto asked if he could use for ‘Shot By Both Sides’ – they are essentially the same song with different lyrics.

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