Coming soon: Covered in Glory


The summer challenge the Uncertain Smile is setting for its musical hive mind of bloggers is (drum roll)….

Covered In Glory: Cover versions that are better* than the originals.

From next Monday (June 11th) for ten days we are going to be nominating our personal favourites each day.

As followers of the Uncertain Smile will know, each Christmas we do a rundown of our songs of the year, but in the summer we loosen up a bit and pick songs around a theme. Variously over the last few years we have played around with:

2017: Protest Songs. Political music

2016: Trans Europa Express: Songs from and about Europe

2015: Sounds Like Summer: Obvious really

2014: Lost in Time: Forgotten classics

2013: The Pleasure Principle: Guilty pleasures

If you’d like to contribute to the growing playlist, you’re more than welcome to post nominations in the comments for each days blog from Monday – do get your thinking caps on!  Or indeed you can revisit one of our earlier themes.

*Clearly ‘better’ is subjective and not definitive. The Uncertain Smile is a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder: so long as you personally believe it is better, then that is fine. There are as they say, ‘no wrong answers’. Except when it comes to Paul Young’s slap bass cover of ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’. There is absolutely no excuse for that sort of behaviour.

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