Here are some of my latest cartoons, the product of an excellent course at the City Lit last Autumn run by Litza Jansz, which I highly recommend. No explanations given – if they need explaining then they don’t work!

When I named this website The Uncertain Smile I was imagining it to be more about music and my painting, but I guess it does actually apply quite well to cartoons as well…

Leeches Richard Marks

Guide Dogs 2 copy

PC Mountain Final copy

Selfie for print copy

Embarcation for print copy

Christmas Card Draft 20 Dec

Apes for print copy

2 thoughts on “Cartoons…

  1. I think the Noah themed ones in particular could be of interest to a commercial card company….very good. But maybe I think that because it has been so unremittingly wet down here…..

    1. I submitted the Leeches one to a commercial card company yesterday as their website helpfully invited submissions. A toe in the water, we shall see. Humour is so subjective.

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