Top tracks of 2016 #4 – Primal Scream, The Wytches, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard


Earlier in the countdown, Roy nominated Primal Scream’s ‘100% Or Nothing’ from the ridiculously named but ludicrously good ‘Chaosmosis’ album. I usually allow myself at least one album track in my Twenty and this is it – the stunning Burning Rope. No video and hardly anything on Youtube, so here for the first time is a soundcloud embed, so you can just focus on the glory of the audio without any distractions.

For me Primal Scream are never better than with gospel choir assistance. I remember seeing this live at the London Palladium and still recall having to duck as Roy flung his arms (very) wide at around 3:14 to sing along, perhaps preparing for the exultation he would feel at the European Championships in the summer.

Scroll down for some interesting choices from Roy & Andy, plus the countdown so far is here.


9 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #4 – Primal Scream, The Wytches, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

  1. The moment has arrived to put those people who have been left scratching their heads out of their misery. My number 4 is the highest entry from a band I’d not previously come across. Drumroll please! The name of the band is The Wytches and the name of the track is the curiously-titled “C-Side”, which is taken from their second album. Other than that, as the late Andrew Sachs a.k.a, Manuel would say “I know nothing”. Dressed in their top hats, they look like Dr and the Medics, but thankfully, there the similarity ends!

  2. Ahh The Wytches, garage rockers from Brighton, saw them in a small club in Brighton a couple of years ago before they ‘made it’ – supporting I think Vic Goddard & the Subway Sect. Really like this a lot and was on my ‘long list’ until I heard ‘Bone-Weary’ which in hindsight I really should have included in my 20 – what’s the Mouldycliff rule on late substitutions?

  3. Completing a hat-trick of psychedelic rockers in my top 10, Aussie acid-rock casualties, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard. The track is ‘People-Vultures’ from their latest album ‘Nonagon Infinity’ . In hindsight and on the evidence of the video they may well be indulging in one huge piss take but the frazzled velocity of this storming tune is hard to ignore.

    1. I was thinking the video was the Monkees as imagined by Syd Barrett – but your description also works. Definitely see the Ozrics in there somewhere.

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