Top tracks of 2016 #5 – Suede, Massive Attack & Radiohead

Into the all important Top Five with a track from my favorite album of the year. This is a tricky one. A recent GQ list has Night Thoughts as one of its albums of the year and comments that it succeeds because it sees the album as an art form in its own right as opposed to a collection of very good songs. The album tells a strong story, has recurring musical and lyrical themes and doesn’t overstay its welcome. As a Suede fan of long standing I would say perhaps controversially it is their best album. They may have recorded  better individual singles, but as a piece of work it is flawless. Here is ‘What I’m Trying To Tell You’ but really I could have nominated any of the tracks as indeed another contributor may perhaps do…

Scroll down for Andy and Roy’s choices, whilst the list so far is here.


8 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #5 – Suede, Massive Attack & Radiohead

  1. Good though that may be, I am not that contributor! My number 5 is a track I heard on 6 Music at the start of the year, and I’m still enjoying it now. Not 1, not 2 but 3 collaborators on this…mind you, every song these days seems to have “ft.” in the artiists column, so that’s perhaps nothing unusual. Very atmospheric and menacing, hence the appeal…

    1. The Suede album is a magnificent thing – without doubt their best – as perfect a seguing of tracks as you are ever likely to hear. Interesting that GQ picked it as one of their albums of the year as it appears to have been ignored by everybody from 6Music to Q – which is an absolute travesty, considering some of the absolute bilge I’ve seen on those lists. I couldn’t choose between the tracks for my top 20, so (spoiler alert) didn’t chose any!

    2. Interesting thematic similarity between the two videos if you think about it – residential streets at night, drunk people . Not the same Director though (I checked). Like the way it builds towards the end.

  2. Are we really at number 5 already ? You knew it was coming, as Andy says, firmly in repeat territory……at 5 ‘Burn The Witch’ by Radiohead. After ‘Spectre’ and this, I had seriously elevated hopes for the new album, which sort of disappointed really – not that it isn’t good, because it is, just maybe not as good as I had hoped. I’ve picked a live version, I’ll let somebody else post the excellent ‘Trumpton’ video.

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