Top tracks of 2016 #7 – Pet Shop Boys, Mogwai & Last Shadow Puppets

Something a bit more upbeat for my number seven choice, a great  pop song and classic Pet Shop Boys. I play the ‘Super’ album a lot and there are some great tracks on there, but this is the obvious choice and the first single. There is no official video, but hidden deeper in YouTube is this rather lovely fan animation by Caranella. It picks up on the point that the couple in the song clearly aren’t Neil & Chris, as they were well over a decade into their career in the Nineties.

So after a couple of choices from me very relevant to the 90s, let’s head back to the 90s…

Roy & Andy’s choices for today are below..,



6 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #7 – Pet Shop Boys, Mogwai & Last Shadow Puppets

  1. My “lucky 7” is just a lovely instrumental piece by Glaswegian post-rockers, Mogwai. Like all good Moggers tunes, and especially not that dissimilar to “Helicon 1”, it builds slowly to a crescendo before just drifting away. It’s a very straightforward video, but this coupled with the music, I find very emotional. Clearly, I’m going soft in my old age, but I may just sense a little tear (as in rhymes with beer), rather than tear (as in rhymes with bear) starting to form in the corner of my eye. I’ll leave you with “Ether”…

    1. I thought Inner Sanctum was the lead off track of the album ? Which I much prefer, but this is definitely PSB doing what PSB do best.

  2. My number 7 is the track that launched Miles and Alex’s latest outing as Last Shadow Puppets. This track instantly showcased a big departure from their Scott Walker indebted 2008 debut. All fuzzed up, Sonics-like Garage rock intensity, with added strings and Miles no- holds barred vocal delivery. It was either going to be this or Aviation which is almost as good.

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