Top tracks of 2016 #6 – Underworld, P J Harvey & Black Mountain

My second British synth duo in a row.

My first ever music post on this site, when we started doing these lists online in 2012, was Underworld, who were at #20 in my Festive Twenty with their ‘Caliban’s Dream’ from the Olympic Opening Ceremony. Four year’s on it’s great to have a new album, ‘Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future’. This is ‘If Rah’, performed on Jools Holland.

I have seen a couple of live Underworld sets on TV this year – 6 Music Festival & Glastonbury and it’s strange how mesmeric a couple of fifty something blokes and a keyboard can be…

3 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #6 – Underworld, P J Harvey & Black Mountain

  1. …and still fantastic live as we know! Only possible way this could have been improved if the originally misheard tribute to Gareth Bale had been the actual lyric instead of “failed, succeeded home an away”.

    1. At Number 6 – ‘Florian Saucer Attack’ by Black Mountain. This hybrid of Hawkwind and Penetration is from their fourth album, entitled ‘IV’ and is the standout track.They are from Vancouver, led by a really interesting character called Stephen McBean, who has another band called Pink Mountaintops; who are something of a Canadian alt-rock supergroup and a lot more indie REM/Flaming Lips than the 70’s indebted psychedelic rock sound of Black Mountain. Also a contender for song title of the year.

  2. You could count the number of what I call, “albums”, I purchased this year on the fingers of one hand. However, the lead, what I call “single” from this, was on one I did buy. Entitled “The Hope Six Demolition Project” it was brought to national attention courtesy of her stunning set at Glastonbury. I never tire of hearing what Polly Jean has to say, and clearly Roy is of similar opinion, as he had this 3 places lower. Sorry folks, we’re now into, what I call, “repeat territory” …

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