Top tracks of 2016 #8 – Daughter, Syd Arthur & Jaguar Ma

Twenty eight tracks nominated so far by three pundits across twenty-eight different artists and finally we come to our inevitable artist overlap. As nominated by Roy at #10, this is the sublime Daughter, but a different track from the same album.

I’ve gone for ‘How’, for the simple fact it is slightly more shoe-gazey than Numbers and I also like the video more (shallow I know).

Still no overlap on actual tracks, but as our winding roads converge towards the top of the charts surely that is inevitable?

Scroll down for Andy and Roy’s choices, whilst the list so far is here.



6 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #8 – Daughter, Syd Arthur & Jaguar Ma

  1. This definitely won’t be an overlap. At number 8 a bunch of psychedelic jazz prog rockers from Canterbury, with a drop dead psyche-pop tune, ‘Apricity’. In case you were wondering, ‘Apricity’ is Latin for ‘warmed by the sun’. Always in favour of bands who add to my vocabulary.

  2. I spent about 4 hours of yesterday in 2 different cinemas – such is my life at present. I don’t tell you this to try and gain some sympathy, I tell you this as one of the films was, predictably, Rogue One, the Star Wars spin-off. And I tell you this as, completelycoincidentally, my number 8 choice references one of my favourite characters from what I call the original Star Wars film. The creators of this are no strangers to my end of year lists, as their singles invariably make an impression on me. I guess I’m just partial to what I call the A.I.D. genre – that’s Antipodean Indie Dance, in case you were wondering. And in case you were wondering about the other film, which I doubt but I’m going to tell you anyway, it was “Office Christmas Party”, which, to paraphrase a Star Wars quote from the title character of my number 8 was viewed by “me, the girl, 2 droids and no questions asked”. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, I realise that this is making absolutely no sense whatsoever, so I’ll shut up and let you listen to the song. If they can their next album “Grand Moff Tarkin” I may actually buy it. Number 8…

    1. Jaguar Ma always sound great on the radio – they have a ‘thing’ and they do it very well. Off to see Rogue One this evening. Based on the reviews I am guessing it was the more enjoyable of the two films you saw. There could be potential for a blog about tracks/ band with Star Wars references….

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