Top tracks of 2016 #12 – Beck, Slaves & Trentemøller

No stranger to our lists over the years, Beck released what seemed to be something of an ‘orphan’ single earlier in this year which apparently indicated a return to his poppier phase. I have been keen to hear more, but this has been it so far. Beck seems to float around (rather like this track), being influential, moderately commercially successful and tastefully chameleonic:  winning Grammies but being unlikely to turn up dueting at the X Factor finals, for which we can be grateful.

Scroll down for today’s choices from Roy and – joining us for the final dozen – Andy. Check out the countdown so far here.



7 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #12 – Beck, Slaves & Trentemøller

  1. A bit like the high jumper who doesn’t enter the competition until he feels like it’s getting serious, I’ve left it until now to enter this year’s 2016 countdown. So, far my number 12 selection, I’m returning to a band who were in the lower reaches of my 2015 edition. As I’ve mentioned previously, this is not the genre which I spend the majority of my time listening to, but it does appeal, as evidenced by the strong impression that Royal Blood made on me a couple of years ago. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a kind of 21st Century”Boredom” by the Buzzcocks, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

    So, my number 12 is a track from the sophomore album, “Take Control” from those angry young punks from Kent…

    1. Welcome on board for the final dozen, Andy. By coincidence I was in the Fulham Broadway centre earlier and a woman walked past in smart office attire, save for an incongruous Slaves T-Shirt under her jacket.

      Will Slaves T-Shirts become the Ramones of the 2040’s; “Mummy what are ‘Slaves’?” ” I don’t know dear, but it is a lovely design isn’t it..”

  2. Nice to see you Mr M. Slaves are always a good choice – my mate has a video of his 5 yr old boy jumping up and down in front of the tv during Slaves Jools Holland performance (recorded obviously) shouting ‘Spit It Out’ – Punk’s Not Dead !

  3. After last year’s exceptional Beck as funky-psychedelic Prince single, ‘Dreams’, which also existed in splendid isolation, this follow up is exceptional only by its ordinariness. Disappointing.

  4. I always thought that Jenny Beth would make a great ‘featured’ singer on other people’s tracks, like a contemporary Toni Halliday. Seems as if Danish dark wave synth overlord,Trentemoller had the same idea.

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