Top Tracks of 2014 #13 – Herizen Guardiola & Two Door Cinema Club

The best soundtrack of the year has to be that for ‘The Get Down’, the Netflix series in which fictional protagonists become entwined with the Bronx disco scene and the birth of rap in the hot summer of 1977.

Alongside classics from the era are new tracks  ( including from my number one artist for the year, but more on that in 12 days).

Contributed by Nile Rogers, ‘Set Me Free’ is performed with pep (sorry!) by Herizen Guardiola as her character Mylene Cruz. It becomes her breakthrough hit, from which her boyfriend appropriates the drum break to launch his own crew’s rap career.

The series got mixed reviews but I loved it and I’m looking forward to series two next year. I certainly don’t think that Mayor Koch is up to any good…

Roy’s selection is below….



4 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2014 #13 – Herizen Guardiola & Two Door Cinema Club

  1. Not seen the series but might well need to investigate. This is essentially ‘Get Lucky’ through a Northern Soul/Miaimi Sound Machine filter but not bad at all.

  2. I’ve lost track of how ‘Charts’ are compiled or where they’re published or even if the concept of ‘Hit Single’ is even a thing anymore; but it beggars belief that this wasn’t an omnipresent electropop smash. Maybe not enough auto tuning, or lack of a Rita Ora guest appearance, or god forbid, a group writing their own songs, – must do better boys.

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