Top Tracks of 2016 #14 – A Tribe Called Quest & Chemical Brothers

This one is a current favourite , as heard only this morning on the excellent Huey Morgan Show – ‘We The People’ by the legendary A Tribe Called Quest.  Featuring less obvious samples than the seminal “Can I Kick It’ –  which may be a reflection of our more litigious times –  this is from  their first album of this century, which they claim will also be their last.

The chorus is certainly on point for America 2016, but again amplifies Roy’s earlier point that the musical commentary in this year of geo-political meltdown seems to be coming from older artists. This may reflect this correspondent’s own age and I would love to be proven wrong:  could some kind soul can point us in the direction of some less wrinkly protest music being played on Radio 1…?

However in the meantime this will do nicely…

Roy’s choice – which does have a connection- is below….


3 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2016 #14 – A Tribe Called Quest & Chemical Brothers

  1. Only heard this the other day myself and very good,but too late for my 20 – observing strict Mouldycliff rules, I have a cut off of 30 November (if it isn’t it should be!) This ‘dropped’ (as the kids and Pete Tong say) just under the wire. Presumably its a n early taste for a new album, but who knows with the Chemical Brothers, could just be something they knocked up while messing about with a laptop during Strictly. As as is the norm with their output, a quality, effortless, Banger that should just make Calvin Harris et all give up and go home because they won’t ever get close.

    1. So is the rule that it was released before 30 Nov or you have to have heard it before 30 Nov? We may have to consult the oracle on that one. In my case it qualifies on both counts. Of course Q Tip was the vocalist with the Chemicals on a track chosen by both of us last year as I recall, so I see what you did there, nice segue.

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