Top tracks of 2016 #15 – Steve Mason & Palace Winter

From Steve Mason’s wonderful ‘Meet The Humans’ album this is ‘Alive’.  I could have picked any number of tracks off the album, but this has an actual video and a great one it is too,  so here it is for your delectation and delight.

Watch cute aliens wipe out the population of earth in four minutes and do check out the album. Albums are still a valid art form you know, even more so in this attention-deficit era.

Roy’s choice for today is below, the list so far is here.


4 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2016 #15 – Steve Mason & Palace Winter”

  1. My big discovery for 2016 is this is Aussie-Danish duo, who released their debut EP last year and describe their sound as ‘atmospheric Krautrock’. This doesn’t really do justice to their quality REM meets Tame Impala tunes as personified on this track from their wonderful debut album. If you do nothing else this festive period, download the album, you won’t be disappointed. Number 15 Palace Winter, ‘Positron’

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