Top Tracks of 2016 #18 – Prophets of Rage & Jamie T.

At number 19 we had a supergroup made up from three other like-minded groups (Minor Victories) and at 18 we also have.. a supergroup made up from three other like-minded groups. In this case it’s Rage Against The Machine, Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. As the first of these are the only ones who actually play instruments, it’s no surprise that the resulting first single sounds like Chuck D rapping over an RATM song. Effectively it is a rocked up version of the PE track from ‘It Takes A Nation of Millions…’,  stylistically  not a million miles away from the PE/Anthrax version of ‘Bring The Noise’ back on the ‘Apocalypse 91’ album.

So effectively if you add this to this you get the following.  Musical DNA splicing.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. If there is a year to be twice as angry, then 2016 certainly is that year.

Scroll down for an excellent choice from Roy. You can also see our choices so far here.






5 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2016 #18 – Prophets of Rage & Jamie T.

  1. Never heard this before but wish I had – tremendous stuff! Definitely a sum of its parts. Worrying that its mainly 40/50 year old blokes getting angry. Where’s Skepta, Catfish & The Bottlemen or the XX’s contribution? I’d have thought Grime at least, would be a fertile breeding ground for agit-prop.

  2. At 18, another artist I’d previously paid little heed to. This track is taken from winner of ‘The Most Eclectic Album’ of the year. As good as this is, its not the best track on the album, not even in the top 3 – its that good – covering a cornucopia of influences that includes (deep breath); The Clash, RATM, Blur, Gorillaz, Beck, Plan B, JAMC and did I mention The Clash?

  3. It’s a great album and thanks for recommending it to me earlier in the year. In the list of influences you missed out Kasabian (Dragon Bones) Libertines (Robin Hood) and Arctic Monkeys (Power Over Men). Not just musically but lyrically. This would be my favourite, shame there is no video:

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