TOP TRACKS OF 2016 #19 – Minor Victories & Shearwater

Three pretty convincing reasons ensured this track would be in my Top Twenty for the year:

a) The band features members of Slowdive, Editors and Mogwai (and sounds exactly as good as you would expect that to sound)*

b) The video has giant cats with lazer beams shooting out of their eyes destroying a city. I’ve been a sucker for giant cats and cityscapes ever since that chilling scene from The Goodies. For kids in the 70s that was every bit as terrifying as ‘Threads’ was in the 80s.

c) The track is subtitled ‘Song For Richard’ . In a world of addressable advertising and targeting, they certainly know their audience.

So here it is ‘Scattered Ashes (Song For Richard)’ by Minor Victories…

Did I mention it has cats? Giant cats? and lazer beams?

*spoiler: Number 18 will also feature a three band supergroup that sounds exactly as good as you would expect it to.

Meanwhile Roy’s Number 19 is below and a fine choice it is…



4 thoughts on “TOP TRACKS OF 2016 #19 – Minor Victories & Shearwater

  1. For my number 19 I’ve moved on from noisy Americans to quiet ones. This band have pretty much passed me by over the years. This is the lead off from their excellent ‘Jet Plane and Oxbow’ (no, me neither) album, which claims the runner-up prize in the ‘most eclectic album of the year’ category – this Thomas Dolby meets Peter Gabriel electropop track being nothing like anything else on it.

    1. I do remember listening to the album, and as you say, this is something of an (enjoyable) outlier. Just noticed we are only 6 away from the 1000th comment on the site. How time flies….

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