From Fulham to Putney in paintings

It’s been nearly three years since I took up oil painting for the first time and inevitably a number of my pictures have been of Fulham and Putney, because I live in the former and my art course is at Putney School of Art & Design.  I’ve been putting all of my pictures up on my tumblr page  (click here) straight away as it is quick and easy, but when I started this site I said I would try to provide more context on some of my paintings, so here we go. Most of the following are on fairly large canvases  – about 100 x 60cm and are oil on canvas unless otherwise stated. To see them fullscreen, just click on the thumbnails.

In terms of a theme, rather than chronological, let’s go geographical and  travel from  Fulham  to Putney School of art itself…

So this is a view of back gardens in Chiddingstone Street, looking towards Bradbourne Street:

Back Garden

That is one of my earliest oil paintings,  whereas this next one of Parsons Green I finished yesterday:

Parsons Green 2b

This is looking North and the larger building is actually where my sister was born in 1967 – back then it was a maternity home, now it is an NHS walk in centre. The pub to the left is The White Horse, also known as ‘The Sloany Pony’. It is worked up from a pencil sketch done ‘on location’. I will put some sketches at the end of the blog.

Parsons Green

This is a sightly larger canvas, again from a sketch made in almost exactly the same position but looking South down towards the New Kings Road. I was trying to capture a particularly sunny day. This is now currently hanging on my mother’s living room wall. Walk about 50 yards to your left and you come to Parsons Green tube. This is again a fairly large canvas showing Parsons Green Lane early on a sunny August morning…


Heading South, this is the river walk in Bishops Park, near Putney Bridge, looking westwards at sunset towards  Fulham Football ground, just out of sight.

River Walk

..and from further along, looking eastward towards Putney Bridge.

FullSizeRender 7

This was done in my art class following a sketching field trip one evening. Some of the sketches from that evening are lower down.

Near to the River Walk is Fulham Palace. This is a painting I did from a photo I took lying down in the gardens of the first flower of Spring. Not entirely sure it works as it makes the flower look like a triffid.

Bishops Palave oil

This pastel of the corner of the Palace itself probably works better I think:

Fulham Palace 1

OK, so let’s jump over the river to Putney.  this is the slip road down to the Thames near Putney Bridge, looking East at sunset and again following a sketching trip with my art class.


If you walk past the Bridge and then look back across the River you get a view of All Saints Church in Fulham that is often immortalised in paintings.

Putney Bridge

This was done as part of a project where we had to paint on unusual shapes – hence the diamond – and this is actually on oil paper rather than canvas. I have to confess I am not a big fan of oil paper as I find canvas a more malleable surface. In this one I was trying to go for a more simplistic Hockney/pop art approach.

I tried to take a similar approach with this picture of Deodar Road near the river which leads to Wandsworth Common (through the arch in the picture).


This was my attempt to work from sketches plus a photo taken using the ‘panorama setting on the iPhone, so I deliberately painted the ‘fish eye’ effect – the curve in the first third of the painting isn’t really there -it’s all one road. I had to glue three sheets of oil paper together.

Moving a few streets further South this painting is of the house directly opposite PSAD, on the corner of Oxford & Disraeli Road.

Putney November Night

A quick charcoal sketch was made on a cold evening, which then became the guide for this painting done back in the warmth of the studio. You can see a couple of others students, sketchbooks in hand,  in the final picture. This is now owned by my friends Bill and Sue Blyth who bid for it in a charity auction that I donated a couple of paintings to.

Moving inside PSAD itself, here is the central staircase, leading to the studios:

PSAD1 copy

A painting done inside the studio of fellow students:

Artclass final

..and some Putney rooftops, pastel studies done from the window of Putney School of art at sunset:



Meanwhile if you go right to the top of the PSAD building there is a roof terrace looking out onto the Upper Richmond Road.


So that concludes the trip. Finally here are some sketches over the last few years, some done in situ, a few of which were worked up into the paintings above. Again you can click for a more detailed view

Putney Bridge (Fulham side):

Putnet Bridge

The underground Bridge:

Putney Railway Bridge

Bishops Park River walk:

Bishops Park River Walk

Priors Bank ( in Bishops Park):

Priors Bank sketch

St Dionis Church on Parsons Green:

photo 3-2

Parsons Green looking South:

photo 2-2

Putney Wharf:

Putney 3

All Saints Church from Putney:

Putney 2

..and finally a watercolour done about a decade ago that I found on my hard drive of All Saints & Putney Bridge.  So that concludes our trip around my stomping ground. In a few days I hope to post a blog themed around skyscrapers…

River 1 Putney

2 thoughts on “From Fulham to Putney in paintings

  1. Nice paintings and I like the range of subjects. I too am an oil painter (mainly landscape). I have only ever used Adult Education classes but am currently in a class that allows me to develop with a good tutor. Art college would have been nice but it’s a bit late in the day for me now.

  2. I too would have liked to have gone to art college, but for me painting is a respite from the outside world, if it became the main thing I did then it might become serious and less enjoyable, I guess!

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