Trans Europa Express – It’s a Wrap

Well ladies and gentleman we made it. The list is complete. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions – we are nothing if not eclectic.

You can see the final list of all the artists for each day in one handy page here. Thanks to Gerard for helping sort the headings out.

We’ll be back at the end of the year with our infamous end of year lists and I will post from time to time – I can feel an art-related post coming on soon.

In the meantime any suggestions for a theme for next Spring? Just to remind you I have re- indexed a page for the last three themes we have done. Just click below to have a look ( or remind yourself ).
Remember you have to click on each heading to see the comments underneath.

Monkees2013: The Pleasure Principle (guilty pleasures)



2014: Lost in Time (overlooked classics)


SG    2015: Sounds like Summer



Dury 2Plus ‘‘Killer B’s (Some  B-Sides I snuck out while no one was looking)




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