Trans Europa Express – Day 10: The Hives, Yr Anhrefn, Focus, Rita Ora &The Wannadies

TEE InfoAnd so our European tour is  done. France v Romania kicks off tomorrow (Friday) starting a celebration of European football that just happens to have a Brexit vote slap bang in the middle of it.


For those keeping count we have taken in 19 separate European countries as follows:

Germany 11, France 8,  Sweden 5, Iceland 4,Spain 3, Norway 3, Denmark 2, Belgium 2, Holland 2, Greece 2, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland, Malta, Latvia, Russia, & Yugoslavia two songs about Europe generally. Of course that may change depending on what gets posted below, so I will revisit it tomorrow.

My final choice is The Hives from Sweden. Taken from the optimistically titled album ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’ this is ‘I Hate To Say I Told You So’.

Choices for today below from Andy,Sindy & Gerard plus you can enjoy all ten days of the final playlist in one easy list here…

Meanwhile Roy sent his choice in via email as he is off somewhere or other – so over to him…

By the time this is posted I’ll be en France, building up to the Wales V Slovakia game in Bordeaux . As Andy has previously (helpfully) pointed out, Wales haven’t qualified for a major football tournament since the 1958 World Cup, where we reached the quarters only to be knocked out by the eventual winners Brazil.

Since then its been a tale of constant woe and despair for Welsh football – so 2016 is a very big deal indeed – even more so as we now have one of the best players in the World….…Hal Robson Kanu – so you can keep your going around the back and 30 years of hurt nonsense.
From the Celtic fringes of Europe I give you North Wales answer to Stiff Little Fingers, Yr Anhrefn, with a welsh punk anthem called ‘Rhedeg i Paris’ (Run to Paris). Released in 1990 it was quite literally ahead of its time. DEWCH YMLAEN CYMRU (Come On Wales)



8 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day 10: The Hives, Yr Anhrefn, Focus, Rita Ora &The Wannadies

  1. Apologies that my link didn’t work yesterday, and thank you to Richard for saving the day. So, what song could round off a very successful jaunt around the continent? Well, my final selection comes from a country which has a rich football heritage, but who won’t actually be at Euro 2016. We haven’t had much Prog Rock (disappointing, I know, but possibly inevitable) and I’m fairly sure we haven’t heard yodelling in any of the previous songs. Put the two together and you have one of the unique performances of the last 50 years. What you are about to witness is a live performance from 1973 from NBC’s “Midnight Special”, and unless I’m mistaken is introduced by a young Oprah Winfrey. Well, I guess we all have to start somewhere, and indeed finish, so without further ado…

    1. I have thank my brother-in-law for introducing me to the strange delights of Focus, I love this track and great minds think alike, eh Andy – I’d considered this video for a previous topic.
      I wonder how many times in the coming weeks we’ll hear players, tennis players especially use the word ‘focus’ to describe their preparation and mental state before matches

  2. Born in Pristina, Yugoslavia (present-day Kosovo) to Albanian parents, this singer’s parents fled Kosovo and moved to the UK when she was just one. In an interview, she stated, “We lived in Earls Court, on the Old Brompton Road.” So, really just a local girl who made good!
    Though this is a 2012 song dedicated to Kosova, I wonder …..
    Who’s going to shine their light and set the Euros / the world on fire?
    Also, who could should she possibly have been predicting with:
    “We started slow but we beat you in the final” ? 😉

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