Trans Europa Express – Day 9: Björk, Holger Czukay, Shocking Blue, Marina Kaye & Mike Oldfield

TEE InfoJust one day to go and I am heading back to Iceland. I was tempted by various Sugarcubes tracks, but in the end went for Björk as a solo artist with ‘Human Behaviour’.

Largely because it’s a great song, but also as I love the video – a Michel Gondry video was the ultimate 90s fashion accessory.

I do appreciate this doesn’t add to our countries list, but due to a sterling group effort we have spanned well over 20 countries – I will do a full list tomorrow.

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Margaret & Gerard, plus the list so far here




10 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day 9: Björk, Holger Czukay, Shocking Blue, Marina Kaye & Mike Oldfield

  1. I was delighted that earlier in the week Gerard selected “Stratosphear” from Tangerine Dream, as no European musical journey would be complete without them. Along with Kraftwerk, Neu and Can, they were responsible for bringing “Krautrock” to the attention of the masses. One of the members of the latter group is a chap called Holger Czukay, who released an album entitled “Movies” in 1979, from which I have chosen the opening track. Catchy and quirky in equal measure, it’s about as accessible a track as he’s been involved in. As the sun is currently beating down, it seems an entirely appropriate choice for today. Enjoy…

  2. The original link didn’t work, so I had to find another version of the video and replace – is the one above OK? No sooner did I start playing this than the rain came down!

  3. For today’s pick were going with Mike ‘Tubular Bells’ Oldfield and this track is dedicated to Danny Drinkwater, Andros Townsend and Theo Walcott.
    Track: To France
    Artist: Mike Oldfield

  4. To partially make up for the fact that they didn’t qualify for the Euros, I think a chunk of vintage Dutch psyche-rock is in order.

  5. Shocking Blue were actually more famous for having a hit in 1970 with ‘Venus’ later covered unforgettably by Bannarama in the 80’s.

  6. Back to France for me ……
    It’s just over a year since I happen to see the following artist on French tv singing ‘Homeless’, her No.1 hit in France, from her debut album ‘Fearless.’
    From my senior choice of Monsieur Aznavour yesterday to this now 18 year old singer songwriter, who displays a maturity far beyond her years.
    Then again, she’s already had plenty of practice having started singing from the age of 11. [ There’s so many wonderful online examples of her singing including her covering Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ to win a talent show at aged 13; her singing Piaf’s ‘La Vie En Rose’; Amy Winehouse’s Back In Black etc ]
    She’s already been compared to Lana Del Rey or Adele and I have high hopes of her ploughing her own chosen path and that she’ll ‘hit it big’ soon enough.
    Like Aznavour, she recognises the importance of singing in English – a bit of a moot point with some in France – and the album was recorded in both New York and London
    Inspired also by the fact England start their Euro campaign Saturday v Russia in Marseille’s Stade Velodrome, here’s une Marseillaise:
    Marina Kaye (real name: Dalmas)

    1. The importance of singing in English is presumably a commercial as opposed to aesthetic decision, which is a shame, but I guess you can’t blame people for being ambitious. Trouble I have with artists being compared to Adele is that I don’t like Adele!

      1. and a year on from the above, she’s already given further examples of her broadening scope and more varied music she may perform

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