Trans Europa Express – Day Eight: Rammstein,Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Pinkshinyultrablast, Charles Aznavour & Jean-Michel Jarre

TEE InfoIt’s the anti-penultimate day of Trans Europa Express, which means that Euro 2016 is nearly upon us. So what better way to stoke anticipation than a video with ants playing football. And that is the least bonkers part of the video.

This is of course ‘Links 1,2,3,4’ by the shy and retiring stars of the  Neue Deutsche Härte, Rammstein .

Translated the chorus is “my heart beats to the left, 2-3-4”, referencing a Berthold Brecht  1930s revolutionary song.

The video represents the struggle between right wing beetles and left wing ants. Who will win? Fight!

Interesting choices below from Roy, Andy, Gerard & Margaret plus the list so far here



12 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day Eight: Rammstein,Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Pinkshinyultrablast, Charles Aznavour & Jean-Michel Jarre

  1. Have we had any musical offering from any Principalities yet? If we haven’t, that’s about to change! Talking of change, this country hasn’t qualified for a major international football tournament for 58 years – do I need to give you any more clues? For those of you unfamiliar with Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, they are NOT the first three sets of letters that I get when I’m playing Scrabble (it just feels like it!). They were, in fact, an alternative and very original, band from Carmarthen, who were much-loved by the late John Peel, and who were bi-lingual (if that’s the right word?!) in their singing. I probably should have chosen something sung in Welsh, but instead I’ve gone for one of my favourites from them, which continues my Spanish sojourn from yesterday. So, it’s “iechyd da” from me…

  2. I don’t think we have and of course there are four home countries at Euro 2016 and one does feature in my choice for tomorrow as we close in on said tournament. This may open the door for Roy to post a certain Manics track in response…

    1. There will be a Cymraeg response but maybe not what’s expected. Andy, mae hinny’n ymdrech (good effort !). Cymru Am Byth #TogetherStronger

  3. All roads lead to France at the moment, so we reckon it’s time for the granddaddy of synth – Jean Michel Jarre – to take a bow.
    As for the track selection, we’ve opted for his thunderstorm inspired epic “Equinoxe Part 5” – the video is genius! JMJ was obviously still saving up for his laser light show at the time, so instead we get to see him make some alfresco appearances in the woods and a stroll along the beach, all whilst being observed by a rather sinister binocular wielding cardboard silhouette. What could it all mean?

    Go JMJ – because you’re worth it!

    1. I think only Gary Numan can equal JMJ in terms of being an artist who was universally derided at the time by the music press and yet now both are rightly acknowledged as ‘sonic pioneers.’ Last month his new album featured the likes of Primal Scream, the Orb, Pet Shop Boys, Numan and Edward Snowden andy coincidence as I was listening to the Dubblestandart album this morning (see Roy’s day 6 pick) lo and behold there is a dub reggae version of this very tune! What goes around comes around.

      1. In fact here is his latest single, a collaboration with Edward Snowden – which also serves as a contrast in how music videos are now made. In 1979 this would really have seemed the scary future – as opposed to the actual present of 2016

  4. Probably one of the better known artists/bands I’ve posted these last few days – well to 6 Music listeners at least – St Petersburg’s answer to the Cocteau Twins

  5. Wikipedia describes this next artist as ‘arguably the most famous Armenian of his time’ …..
    I remember buying the 7″ single (or rather it was probably bought for me as, after all like any pre-teen, I had to maintain my street cred) and I still have it. Arguably one of the most famous love songs, it reached No.1 in the UK in 1974. This is a performance from 1977.
    By the way, he turned 92 last month

    I have to also put forward this wonderful version by our Elvis }

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