Trans Europa Express – Day 7: Röyksopp, Foals, Carnival Youth, Front 242 & Vangelis

TEE InfoOff to Bergen today for this track from the Norwegian duo Röyksopp. Scary to think that their debut album, Melody A.M., from whence this track came, is now 15 years old.

Here is the live version of Poor Leno from Glastonbury 2003, which I particularly like as it has a real Faithless vibe to it, which is not a bad template to follow for live dance music…

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Gerard & Margaret, plus the list so far here





9 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day 7: Röyksopp, Foals, Carnival Youth, Front 242 & Vangelis

  1. How about some indie-folk and a group who at the beginning of the year became the first Latvians ever to win the EBBA ‘European Border Breakers Award’ – ( an award launched by the European Commission no less …and no, Nigel …nothing to do with migration! ) – as one of the best new / emerging artists in Europe who are gaining international recognition.
    Previous winners include Adele and Mumford & Sons and this track reminds me of the latter – with maybe a touch of Travis thrown into the mix.
    Anyway, if all their songs are as good as this heartfelt one (from their 2014 EP of the same title), I can ‘Never Have Enough’

  2. It’s two countries in one from me today. The title features part of the Iberian peninsula but I’m reliably informed that it’s inspired by a bleak moment looking out at the Aegean Sea.. Lyrically it was front-man, Yannis’’ attempt to capture the intensity of Greek myth, and was the first single to be taken from the band’s “Total Life Forever” album. So, there you go, Spain and Greece, two countries that have had their fair share of fiscal problems, but who have both been crowned Champions of European football in the last 12 years. Didn’t someone once say “never mix sport and politics?”

  3. I thought Richard might have beaten me to a post from these masters of Belgian industrial mayhem

    Triple bonus points for this being the only song in the universe about the part Romanian/part Moldovan province of Moldavia.

  4. Following on from the Greek/Spanish Foals entry from Andy – we’ve opted for the Greek synth wizard Vangelis. Out of the many possible tracks we could’ve selected, such as themes from Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire, we finally went for “1492: Conquest of Paradise”, taken from the 1992 Ridley Scott film of the same name, since it has a bit of a Euro-Spanish theme and also features some nice choral backing vocals/ moody humming. Watch out Euro 2016 – the Spanish are coming!

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