Trans Europa Express – Day Six: Propaganda, The Raveonettes, Dubblestandart, Die Krupps, Krokus & OMD

TEE InfoAt the halfway point in this project we’ve visited eleven countries. I will do a final listing on day 10, but I’m not going to add to that total today.

Yesterday I posted an English artist singing in German, so here is a German band singing in English. Propaganda were formed out of the German industrial band Die Krupps and represented an attempt to find an unlikely common ground between Abba and D.A.F.  Signed to Trevor Horn’s ZTT and mentored by Paul Morley, they did have a chart hit with Duel, but arguably ‘The Nine Lives of Dr Mabuse’ is their crowning glory.  Despite some fantastic music the 80s will never be a ‘cool’ decade in the way that 50s and 60s fashions now seem chic, but Propaganda came the closest of anyone to defining a kind of 80s elegance.

Choices below from Andy, Roy, Sergio, Gerard & Margaret, plus the list so far here



16 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day Six: Propaganda, The Raveonettes, Dubblestandart, Die Krupps, Krokus & OMD

  1. Good choice!

    Speaking about German band singing in English, did you not like -back on the day- “Love is a Shield”, from Camouflage?

    1. Not heard it before – but very Depeche Mode and an extremely 80s video.

      It reminds me a bit of the videos the kids make in the film ‘ Sing Street’ which is out at the moment and HIGHLY recommended for anyone who was at school in the early 80s:

      1. Karen reckons this is the best film she’s seen in years – particularly as she used to spend a lot of time in Dublin in the 80’s.

  2. Following on from Richard’s German, and may I say, very fine selection, I’m going to inch northwards to Denmark, where we find Sune Rose Wagner and Zoe Ball-lookalike, Sharin Foo (doesn’t sound very Danish, does she?). Anyway, I rated this song as my 4th favourite of the year back in 2003 (what was I thinking?!), so it must have had some merit, at least in my eyes. I know it’s going to irritate you all day if I don’t reveal my top 3 from 2003 so, as an added treat, here they are (keeping with tradition, in reverse order)…

    3. Hot Hot Heat – Bandages
    2. Libertines – Time for Heroes
    1. Muse – Hysteria

    Anyway, back to our Danish friends, here are the much-under-rated Raveonettes…

    1. Absolutely right Andy – The Raveonettes JAMC meets Phil Spector tunes are sorely underrated. Then there’s Sharon Foo, definitely not Zoe Ball !!

  3. Propaganda were pure class and a cut above most of their 80’s rivals – Dr Mabuse is virtual pop perfection. Speaking of Die Krupps (Propaganda without Claudia), – this is a belter

  4. For my next entry, how about Austrian dub reggae ? Not the most heavily populated of genres, but these chaps have worked with Lee Perry, Ari Up, Prince Far I and Adrian Sherwood amongst others, so have serious credentials.

    1. I can listen to this sort of groove all day, particularly with the uptick in the weather. Will definitely investigate more. Some of the clips have been ‘altered’ like the Simpsons one I think, but the clip of the Flintstones is a worryingly genuine one that shows how much times have changed.

  5. My Day 6 contribution is a bit cheeky – as two countries represented in the same band: – I give you Krokus: the best in heavy petal (sorry).
    Originally formed in 1974 by two guitarists from Switzerland, this track is from their third album (no expenses spared on the album cover design …eat your heart out Andy Warhol) and sung by the bassist, Chris von Rohr

    Things went up a notch or two when Marc Storace (from Malta) joined as lead singer for the 1980’s Metal Rendez-vous album and onwards.
    This was when I first really started to take notice of them.
    Here’s a live performance (Montreux 2004) of ‘Fire’ off that album
    As far as I know, he / they are still going strong ..

  6. The first track is surprisingly good, with a definite mid-period Lizzy vibe to it. The second doesn’t do it for me, but by including it you have taken our country court up to 16, so double thumbs up for that although a yellow card for the heavy petal pun.

    1. Will my yellow card be rescinded if I now also post one of my other options for them? It’s a shortened unplugged version of a power ballad from the Headhunter album

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