Trans Europa Express – Day Four: Air, Julian Cope, Giuda, Woodkid & The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices

Our list seems to have a fairly Nordic flavour to it so far, so I am going to introduce a touch of Gallic flair from the host country of Euro 2016.

I was tempted by Jean-Michel Jarre, particularly his recent collaboration albums, but settled on  this track from Air. The album Moon Safari was a massive hit, which they never really topped, although I’m a big fan of their soundtrack work, particularly ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’. ‘

Sexy Boy’ is a unique track that has a sound all of its own – like M’s ‘Pop Music’ or Da Funk by their compatriots Daft Punk.  Also a pretty distinctive video…..

Scroll down for Andy & Gerard’s picks for today and check out the list so far here.


13 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day Four: Air, Julian Cope, Giuda, Woodkid & The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices

  1. Well, if we’re moving on to France, then how about a song titled after the place where the European Parliament sits? Cope is renowned (at least by me) for his lyrics, and these would seem to be fairly poignant…

    If I were France
    And you were Germany
    What an alliance that would be.

    So, look no further
    We’re coming through
    We’re not alone now
    There’s room for you

    Two and half minutes of sheer joy, but with just 272 views clearly the world has decided to keep it a secret …

  2. Well over 500 videos have been posted by us on this site across various themes and annual reviews,but I am stunned to learn – using the handy search box top right – that this is the very first entry from Mr Cope or the Teardrops. How did this happen? Thankfully sanity has prevailed and the floodgates can now open…

  3. No flood gates here, but how about 70’s Glam Rock revival from Rome – complete with a football theme to mark the Euros ? The thought that Italy is harbouring a Noddy Holder subculture is definitely one to conjure with

  4. A late, late entry for Day Four
    (reason being due to the combination of working late shifts and extended and enjoyable research).
    I tip my hat to a double CD from 1989 entitled ‘New Roots’ …on which the final track (last but most definitely not least) was (a version) of this: here’s pure vocal heaven (with accompanying pictures from the country) from The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and love chant ‘Polegnala e Todora’

  5. Oh and I finally found the lyrics:
    Tudora is lying under a tree, an olive tree. The mountain breeze gently blows and breaks a twig off the olive tree. Tudora is awakened. She is very angry at the breeze that blows tirelessly. “Why are you blowing just now? I was dreaming my first love came, and brought me a small colourful bouquet. He brought me a small bouquet and on it was a gold ring.”

      1. Richard, I sent you an email.
        I should have clarified that I actually bought the double CD back in the day ! Whilst it states ‘As seen on t.v.’, as you’ve discovered it may be hard to come by (I’m no expert but the back cover states Sole Distributors: Stylus Music Ltd – Chiswick address – so, wonder if that has any bearing on the matter

  6. Following on from the French theme of day four can I suggest Woodkid’s The Golden Age, the title track of the album which came to my attention when Run Boy Run featured in in the best of 2013 blog.

  7. The album achieves that rare feat of – after 50+ years of popular music – sounding entirely unique and not like anything else. It’s a great video – the joy of smartphones!

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