Trans Europa Express – Day One: Kraftwerk, Bowie & The Limiñanas

TEE InfoSo I’m going to get the Kraftwerk card out of the way on day one – the joy of going first.
However I’ve not opted for the track that gives this project its name. I was also tempted by Europe Endless or Autobahn, both of which perfectly fit our theme, but I’ve settled on ‘ Tour De France 3’.  What greater sign of European fraternite than a German band singing in French?  We saw them perform this in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern although this live video does feature 25% more of the original Kraftwerk as Florian – far right – had not walked out at this point.

So will I retain the Yellow Jersey in this first leg of our  Euro road trip? See below for Roy and Andy’s choices for today…

5 thoughts on “Trans Europa Express – Day One: Kraftwerk, Bowie & The Limiñanas

  1. Using Richard’s entry as an inspiration, I’m going to use a lyric from Trans Europe Express to arrive at my first entry. Kraftwerk sing “Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie”, and the latter of those produced the following piece of music. Having just finished reading a book about his 1978 World Tour, I now know that this was the track which opened those concerts. The video footage is taken from a Tokyo gig, and is not the greatest quality, but, as it’s still fresh in my mind, I think it’s the most apt version. Taken from the first of the “Berlin trilogy” albums, Low, here is what the Polish people refer to as their capital city – the wonderful “Warzawa”…

    1. The David Buckley book about Kraftwerk that we both read was very strong on the cross-influence of Bowie and Kraftwerk, it’s a shame that they never got to consummate that relationship by collaborating, but Kraftwerk always seemed to work in an enclosed eco-system.

  2. Two fine choices. However I’m going to take a slightly different approach during this short Euro odyssey and concentrate on artists who are not so well known in the UK – so no German electronic pioneers or Irish stadium fillers.
    First up are The Liminanas a Garage Pop/Psyche outfit who hail from Perpignan in French Catalonia. This track features a certain Mr Peter Hook.

  3. I thought that if we opened it up to European artists and not just songs about Europe you would come up with some interesting stuff and so it proves. By coincidence I watched some of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on a recent long haul flight.

    I assume the ‘Irish stadium-fillers’ is a prediction that someone will nominate Zooropa or the trabant-filled One video. I have no plans in that direction, but we shall see.

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