Top Tracks of 2015 – Number One: The Barr Brothers, John Grant & Eagles Of Death Metal

My number one breaks the trend that tracks released at the very start of the year tend to fade away compared to more recent ones. From the moment I heard it I fell in love with it. The Barr Brothers are Canadian, which I think explains the strange Boy Scout uniform in the video – or is he a Boy Mountie?

Not to everyone’s tastes I suspect, but it builds in a lovely way and has the most glorious fuzzy guitar solo two thirds of the way.  The album is great as well, but this is the standout track. My song of the year is ‘Come In The Water’ by the Barr Brothers.

Just 2,851 YouTube views? Internet: hang your head in shame!

For Andy & Roy’s songs of the year see below. Meanwhile the whole Twenty is here.





8 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2015 – Number One: The Barr Brothers, John Grant & Eagles Of Death Metal

  1. Well, I was completely and utterly wrong! I knew you liked the Barr Brothers from your early-season run-down, so it doesn’t come as a surprise, although I am surprised that my number 1 didn’t feature in your top 20 at all! I’ve always been a fan of “list songs”, which probably stems from Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, still the finest of this genre, in my humble opinion!

    So, this artist appeared either at number 1 or 2 in Richard’s list of 2013, with the title track from his breakthrough album and, from memory, it was number 10 in mine. So, a rise of 9 places in two years shows the extent to which he’s grown on me. Taken from the “Grey Tickles, Black Pressure” album, the title may be “disappointing” but the “beard to be feared” won’t be, as he is my number 1…

    1. Well I do really like ‘Disappointed’, but found a bit throwaway compared to Pale Green Ghosts. I do think that the way that he holds the note at 3:22 is very reminiscent of Billy MacKenzie circa Country Club.

      A great choice and a great gig at the Hammersmith Apollo back in November.

  2. Well, I was completely wrong about Richard’s number 1,however I think You Tube may be right about the Barr Brothers ! Definitely thought Mr Grant would be somewhere in Richard’s Top 20; narrowly missed mine with this Tracey Thorn collaboration. At our maturing years, unpredictability is probably a very positive trait.

    So 3 completely different number 1’s…….

  3. After the horrific events in Paris, this was always going to be my Number 1 track of the year.
    Also, on its own merits, a very fine cover version – Eagles of Death Metal, ‘Save A Prayer’

    Also, as a bonus, if you haven’t seen it, their collaboration with the Duran Duran on TFI Friday

  4. A really great choice. His vocals sound quite Phil Oakey – like (or am I just having a day of spotting alleged vocal influences?). It’s not as bizarre a choice of cover as those made by Duran themselves on their covers album ‘Thank You’ which includes ‘911 is a Joke’ and “Watching The Detectives/

    1. Have now opened your email predicting my Top 40 and see that you were 50% right, but unlike Andy you (correctly) weren’t expecting John Grant. The Charlatans album I like more as a whole, but ‘Let the Good Times’ is probably the best track and chosen by you earlier.

      Elbow’s Lost Worker Bee was a victim of my different interpretation of the Mouldycliff Rule, but probably no higher than 10 if I had included – as you say it is an EP of good album tracks.

      So, thanks for all your nominations. My general impressions:

      – More overlap than usual
      – Lots of beards
      – Number ones by acts who didn’t appear in anyone else’s lists at all – not sure that has happened before..?

      Happy Christmas to one and all, I will post the full 20 between Christmas and New Year and then we need to think of a theme for our mid year review.

      I will leave you with something to wrap your last minute presents to.

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