Top tracks of 2015- Number 2: Public Service Broadcasting, Everything Everything & Tame Impala

and the runner up is…. ‘Go’ by Public Service Broadcasting, the effervescent second single from the outstanding album the Race For Space, which in just under an hour charts 30 years of space exploration. It’s a strangely moving album, given an additional relevancy by Tim Peake blasting into the stratosphere last week.

After the first PSB album I wasn’t sure where they went from there, but the answer seems to be thematic and this works a treat. Roy’s number 12 is my number 2.




8 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015- Number 2: Public Service Broadcasting, Everything Everything & Tame Impala

  1. One place higher in my list than Richard’s and several positions up from Roy’s is the band that are so good they named it twice. Duran Duran? Possible but unlikely. Talk Talk? Impossible given front man, Mark Hollis’ self-imposed exile. Django Django? Very possible, and they were on my list but I must confess, due to a terrible administrative error I ended up with two number 13’s! Therefore, they lost out, but at least I admitted it!

    No, it’s Everything Everything, of course. As Richard has already stated, “Distant Past” was a great first single and could easily have made the list, as could most of the tracks on the album. However, I’ve chosen “Regret”, not because it’s necessarily my current favourite track, but because of the impact it had on me. The first couple of times I heard it I thought, that’s interesting, I wonder who it’s by? To me, it sounds almost like something The Christians might have done (if you’re unfamiliar with the Liverpool band of the late 80’s I refer you to their self-titled debut album!). It was such a change in direction from other things they’d done that it made me very keen to hear more. The album that followed, “Get to Heaven”, shows a great diversity with wonderful lyrics, falsetto singing and has, as the cliche goes, something for everyone. Many thanks to Jools Holland for my Number 2…

    Of course, with only one track to go, I’m thinking it’s highly likely that myself and Richard share the same number 1. Tune in tomorrow to hear two different versions of “Hello” – oh damn, I’ve just given it away!

    1. I had thought it near impossible that we would have the same number one. Also given that Roy had predicted at least one track in my top 4 that wasn’t there, I am seriously worried I have made a major mistake and somehow forgotten something important from my list entirely! If it helps reduce or increase the tension my favourite track of the year is by a band.

  2. In any other year, this would have been a clear number 1. I thought ‘Innerspeaker’ and ‘Lonerism’ were exceptional, but this track to took the sound of those albums to another level, introducing dancetronica (definition courtesy of Spotify !) elements to the woozy psychedelia…….then the album ‘Currents’ appeared and was something of a let down; however that doesn’t diminish the sheer sonic glory of this tune. Andy has already posted the wonderful Deezer sessions version, however this live studio version is also a gem of a recording. 2016 Runner-Up, Tame Impala, ‘Let It Happen’

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