Top tracks of 2015 – Number 3: Everything, Everything, Tame Impala & Beck

I’m still resisting the temptation to look at Roy’s predictions of my Top 4, but I suspect he got this one at least half right.  Up until the Autumn this would have been ‘Distant Past’, but ‘No Reptiles’  is now my favourite track on the album and has indeed been released as a ‘single’ now, so under the Mouldycliff (one track per artist) it usurps ‘Distant Past’ and receives my Bronze Medal for 2015.

This may not be a surprise to Andy, not only is he seemingly now part of the band’s entourage, this track is also a particular favourite of the next Mouldyclff generation.  From one of the best albums of the year, both musically and lyrically, this is a mesmeric live performance of ‘No Reptiles’

‘I’m going to kill a stranger/ So don’t you be a stranger/ oh baby it’s alright/it’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair”



6 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 3: Everything, Everything, Tame Impala & Beck

  1. It most definitely meets with my approval!

    As for my Jessica Ennis-Hill (viewers of SPotY will understand that one!), we have this 8 minute epic. 6 Music’s Mark Radcliffe made the album from which it comes, “Currents”, his album of the year. I gave it a couple of listens but this seemed to be a completely different tempo to everything else on it, and so I didn’t go back to it. However, judging by the fact that fellow Aussie rockers, Jagwar Ma, have been frequent visitors to the upper echelons of my end-of-year lists, I do seem very partial to these psychedelic dance acts from down under. I’ve chosen the Deezer live session, which hopefully shows off its finer points. Number 3…

  2. This next artist is to Mr Eclectic; apart from Death Metal, I don’t think there’s a genre he hasn’t explored. Admittedly his critically acclaimed Americana album, ‘Golden Age’ left me cold; but this is my favourite Beck of all, psychedelic dance-popper – this is equal parts Prince, Empire of The Sun and Chic. Fantastic production, great baseline, at Number 3, Beck ‘Dreams’

    1. No official video, so this fan-made video featuring footage from a 1979 film about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, featuring Jane Seymour – seemed somewhat appropriate.

    2. It is indeed great and probably the main omission from my list this year – I always forget one, but perhaps two given Andy’s conviction we have the same number 1 which I am confident we don’t

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