Top tracks of 2015: Number 4 – Mercury Rev, Kurt Vile & Foals

Roy is now so confident he knows what my Top 4 is going to be that he has sent me an email predicting them, only to be opened after the full lists have been revealed. So from his perspective this now turns into a four horse accumulator and the first horse to romp home is ‘Are You Ready?’ by Mercury Rev.  I haven’t been  huge fan up to now, but really like their album ‘The Light In You’, to the extent I actually bought it – in this new world of streaming I actually only bought about 10 albums this year, although regularly listen to about 40 or so.

I am somewhat bemused that this has just 47,997 hits on YouTube. Compare that to the 10m+ for Chemical Brothers at number 7. I thought Mercury Rev were quite popular. They should be.

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices and catch up on the list so far here




10 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 4 – Mercury Rev, Kurt Vile & Foals

  1. Predicting is a mug’s game.. In my Premier League predictions this weekend my only successes were Chelsea beating Sunderland and Watford beating Liverpool…although I would have been delighted to get both wrong!

    Right, I survived my night in a Milton Keynes pub, and I can report that the Wedding Present put on a energetic set, and whilst chatting to David Gedge he revealed he would happy for Mourinho to be the next Man U manager – I suspect he may get his wish in the next month.

    So, something I think we all agree on is that Foals appear to be getting better with each and every album. Roy has already included title track “What Went Down” in his list, and I completely agree that the “I buried my heart in a hole in the ground” is one of the great opening lines of the year. There are many highlights on the album but my number is a non-single and hence I can only present this “lyric video”. It’s the last minute or so of this that really gets me jigging. I hope it has a similar affect on you. Number 4…

    1. 6 Music played this a lot so it could have been a ‘released’ track – great tune, showing the breadth of the album with its Afro-indie dance pop sensibilities.

  2. Sometimes a single song, can suddenly make you ‘get’ an artist. My number 4 is such a song. This artist had been on the periphery of my musical radar for a while, without me paying too much attention. This song stuck in my head for months, granted that might be because it liberally borrows the tune from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ but with wonderfully introspective lyrics. The Americana Matt Johnson, Mr Kurt Vile, ‘Pretty Pimpin’

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