Top tracks of 2015 – Number 6: Foals, The Staves, Chemical Brothers

Posted slightly later than normal due to Jose’s sacking today. Many theories abound, but I guess we may never really know ‘What Went Down’.

My Twenty this year has had a strange shape to it, in so far as when I sat down to think about it I had six tracks that were first choices for the team sheet, and then a much wider squad of around 40 from which to pick the other 16. That is no reflection on the 16 so far, it has been another really good year, but it has been a while since a select group of tracks were so far ahead of the rest. So with today we embark on these six. Any of them could have been my Number One in some other year, so don’t read too much into the order. However there has to be a number six, so here, with another thrilling live performance of What Went Down are Foals. Already nominated by Roy as his number 11, this is from a Radio 1 session at Maida Vale. The atmosphere is fantastic, kudos to the film crew.


9 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 6: Foals, The Staves, Chemical Brothers

  1. It features Q Tip, it sounds like ‘Galvanise’, its by far the best thing on the album and despite New Order’s best efforts, when on form, nobody does this dancetronica stuff better; at my number 6 is Richard’s number 7

  2. It’s been an extraordinary day in the world of football. I’ve just been out with the genial host of this website, I get home, I switch on the TV and I discover that Leeds have scored 3 goals in fifteen minutes – it really is shocking news!

    Anyway, away from football, I very much doubt whether there will be any overlapping with my number 6 choice. Watford may be famous for being Elton John’s team (whoops, more football!) and the home of former Spice Girl, Geri “Ginger” Halliwell, but it is also the home of these three sisters. I first saw them live at the 6 Music Festival at Maida Vale, and then again in Norwich, where I was fortunate enough to meet Emily and Jess, and they could not have been more pleasant. I’m only sorry that you can’t experience them sing live here because their harmonies are just beautiful. We haven’t heard much from the occasional contributors but, if you haven’t already heard their “If I Was” album, Gerard, I’m fairly confident that it will be one that you’ll thoroughly enjoy. At number 6, the angelic “Black Andt White”…

    1. I don’t really listen to enough new music throughout the year to be able to think of compiling my own top ten, let alone top twenty. So, respect and cheers to you three for your selections, which continue to be intriguing and enjoyable.
      Andy, A very belated ‘Thank you’ …for this recommendation. I also checked out their 2015 Glastonbury set … all extremely enjoyable. Like with The Pierces, there’s something magical about the instinctive sibling harmonies … oh and umm ‘Black & White’ – what a great title 😉

  3. There is no way you could be more shocked than me that we scored 3 goals in 15 mins – less shocking is that Chris ‘wooden’ Wood missed a fairly easy hat-trick of chances. Of course we are now going to win the league, passing Chelsea on the way up !

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