Top tracks of 2015: Number 7 – Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip & Blur

Well to be precise the Chemical Brothers featuring Q Tip.  It does sound pretty much like you would expect a Chemical Brothers track to sound and the video looks, well, exactly like you would expect a Michel Gondry video to look. Nothing wrong with that but it is the baseline that lifts it above the average. The sort of baseline that cries out to be sampled. Unless some bright spark can tell me it already is a sample. So we have the second track called ‘Go’ in our Festive Twenties.

Roy and Andy’s choices are below, whilst the whole list so far is here



3 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 7 – Chemical Brothers, Hot Chip & Blur

  1. My number 7 has already appeared, courtesy of Richard, so I’ll be unusually brief. This lot have been regular visitors to my end-of-year lists and I finally bought my first album of theirs – Why Make Sense?, which was exactly what I expected. Now 6 albums in to a 15 year career, they have built up a loyal fanbase, courtesy of the energetic live sets. Therefore, rather than a video, it would seem highly apt to show them doing this in front of an audience – in this case, at the 6 Music Festival. If you don’t tap your toe to this then you clearly haven’t got a pulse! “I ‘ve got something for your mind, your body and your soul”. Number 7…

  2. I could have chose any one of the three ‘released’ album tracks from their triumphal return this year. As a hiatus- breaking statement of intent, this Beetlebum-esque, effortless, angular indie pop takes some beating; particularly enjoyable is Graham’s Syd Barrett impression midway through. Another one to add to the expanding ‘Go’ list this year, at Number 7, Blur ‘Go Out’

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