Top tracks of 2015 – number 8: Courtney Barnett, Idelwild & Django Django

Some artists struggle with lyrics – New Order get the music right before adding lyrics at the very last minute, whilst Noel Gallagher admits wordd aren’t his strong point. No such problems for Courtney Barnett who seems at time to have so many lyrical ideas they tumble out as if  in desperation at fitting them all in before the song finishes. When allied to a radio friendly piece of stoner rock the effect can be excellent, as in ‘Pedestrian At Best’ taken from her first album proper. Eminently quotable including:

I’m having an existential time crisis,  what bliss. Daylight savings wont fix this mess. Under worked and oversexed, I must express my disinterest. The rats are back inside my head – what would Freud’ve said.

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8 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – number 8: Courtney Barnett, Idelwild & Django Django

  1. Looking back through my previous end-of-year lists I found that the only other entry from the group that occupies the number 8 slot occupied exactly the same position in 2002! I’m not sure what they’ve been up to in the last 13 years but whatever it is it’s not really made much of an impression on me!

    So, in 2002, in case you’re interested it was “You Held The World In Your Arms” whereas in 2015 we have “Come On Ghosts”. Like so many of my choices this year, I listened to the album from which this comes – “Everything Ever Written” – but again I didn’t feel compelled to buy it. However, I particularly like the build-up of guitars towards the conclusion of this track. Here are they playing live in Glasgow, not too far from their native Edinburgh. Number 8…

  2. This next lot have cornered the market in psychedelic-choral-indie-dance pop with added twangy guitars. Had I not been a strict adherent to the Mouldycliff rule, they may well have had more than one entry from their very excellent, ‘Born Under Saturn’ album. However this track won out, because it nicks the piano riff from 90’s rave classic ‘Playing with Knives’ by Bizarre Inc and possibly also the saxophone break from ‘Baker Street’ At number 8, the Djangos

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