Top tracks of 2015 – Number 9: Muse, FFS and East India Youth

I know Drones was not at all well received by my two fellow bloggers but I quite liked it. Strangely I actually prefer Muse in their heavier ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ territory to the keyboard driven pop anthems and they don’t come much heavier than ‘Psycho’. As has been discussed, my liking for guitar led rock has ebbed in recent years and bands like Royal Blood pass me by, but Muse still seem to hit my sweet spot, musically and lyrically..

I think Andy and I first heard this riff a few years ago when we had ringside seats at the 02 and the band were playing palate-cleansing riffs between some of the songs. This was developed into the beast that is Psycho, seen here live at the Roskilder festival.

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choice and check out the list so far here


10 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 9: Muse, FFS and East India Youth

  1. Yes, you’re right in that Drones was a step too far for me, I’m afraid!

    My number 9 certainly meets with your approval though, as it’s already appeared earlier on in your list. “Johnny Delusional” was our first taste of the union between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, and several months on it still puts a smile on the face. Who said “Collaborations Don’t Work”? Well, of course, FFS did! Here at Number 9 is their Jools Holland performance…

  2. In a further inversion of the natural order of things, I much prefer Muse’s ‘keyboard driven pop anthems’. Without doubt, their poorest album to date, with ‘Dead Inside’ the best track by some distance. Really like ‘Johnny Delusional’ – a significant improvement on anything FF have come up with by themselves recently.

    1. I too lost interest in FF after the first album, but this collaboration works so well – it reinvigorates both parties and was one of the unexpected delights of the year.

      I would recommend giving Drones one final listen – I am not sure early summer was a great time to release it, it makes far more sense in these dark winter months. You may be surprised. Oddly I don’t like Dead Inside, which is Muse by numbers, whilst Mercy is Starlight 2, but the rest of the album is pretty fab.

  3. I had been more intrigued than captivated by this next artist until this…..a retro-futurist slice of Pet Shop Boys meets A-Ha electropop that by rights should have been number 1 for weeks and captivated the youth of the nation, but sadly didn’t ! At Number 9, East India Youth, ‘Beaming White’

    1. Not heard this before. I loved his first album, as the 2013 list shows, but this one didn’t grab me when I tried it on spotify. That’s the problem with streaming. When you bought an album it forced you to listen carefully, whereas spotify goes on in the background. I will give the album a proper listen tomorrow, without spreadsheets in the foreground of my attention.

      As has been remarked earlier we do seem to swapping roles at times this year. 80s style electro pop is supposed to be my bailiwick!

  4. Love East India Youth! It takes me back to early Tears For Fears and Enigma (oof!) and Erasure. Richard — you need to change this post’s header. “Eat India Youth” sends the wrong message 🙂

  5. Working on it — I did like Uptown Funk (one of you memorially commented “Hey Bruno, Kid Creole wants his song back!” which I sing out EVERY time I hear it!) I don’t listen to a whole lot of new music and I really disliked most of the stuff my ringers submitted — Kendrick Lamar, D’Angelo, Sleater-Kinney. Hoping the EDM loving nephew has some suggestions…

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