Top tracks of 2015 – number 10: Coldplay, Black Rivers & Elbow

Yes Coldplay.

I shouldn’t have to justify this choice, but feel that I probably have to, particularly given this article in The Guardian. Let me put it this way. In the niche-targeted ‘personalised’ world in which we now live, most artists on our countdown serve a well-defined audience. We have little awareness of where they got to in ‘the charts’ or if indeed if they ever did.

Most ‘credible’ artists have retreated from the mainstream pop battleground, free to do what they want, leaving the field clear for Sam Smith, Rihanna, Bastille and Belgian EDM. Coldplay alone are cussedly hanging on in there, attempting to have huge global pop hits, spending a fortune on their videos, selling out three nights at Wembley when even U2 have retreated to the O2. They’re still holding their ground in the heat of the battle, whilst most of their contemporaries have retreated to the sidelines from where they can sneer. They deserve our support – just listen to this track – it doesn’t matter who it’s by, it is just a great pop track that makes you feel good. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the biggest band in the world.

Coldplay – they fight the pop wars so others don’t have to.


Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices and see the list so far here.




9 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – number 10: Coldplay, Black Rivers & Elbow

  1. All very laudable but quite frankly the track is utter rubbish and light years from their imperial phase when they were knocking out effortless, classy, ‘pop’ hits

      1. I do enjoy your ‘controversial’ choices – however you should really have gone the whole hog and picked a Rita Ora track – or have we got that joy to look forward to ?

  2. This year Doves temporarily split into two to release differing ‘solo’ output. The two that aren’t Jimi Goodwin, came up trumps with an album that melded psychedelia, post-punk and pastoral folk – underpinned with tunes worthy of the very best produced at their day job. At Number 10, Black Rivers, ‘The Forest’

  3. I hadn’t actually heard the Coldplay song, so from my point of view, you’ve provided a useful service, for which I thank you! On first hearing, it doesn’t particularly warrant a place in my top 10 but that’s not important in the slightest!

    Talking of which, let’s get onto my choice. A bit like Marc Bosman, my claim to fame as far as these end-of-year lists is that I decided that only one song from a particular artist should be included, and it is something that Richard and Roy adhere to. This can prove difficult, but by and large I think it’s a worthwhile rule to stick to. However, I’m going to slightly bend my own rule, if not break it, by including at number 10, a second song sung by my number 13 choice. That track was credited as a solo effort whereas here he’s back with his more usual four mates, so technically I think I’ve just about got away with it! Whatever, in a year when we weren’t expecting much from the Bury five-piece, it’s always a pleasure to hear any new material so to have a solo album, and this 4-track EP is something to rejoice. This was the lead track, but I would recommend the others as well. Number 10…

    1. Hmm, yes I was debating the same thorny issue, but concluded not as I wasn’t short of replacements, but the originator of the Mouldycliff rule is of course free to interpret that piece of fine legislation. Strangely though, unlike most years for me it has been very obvious which was the best track from each of my artists, so even if a controversial free vote system were allowed I don’t think my choices would have been any different, with the possible exception of my number 2 artist.

    2. To me this and the other tracks on the EP have the feel and sound of what was left off the last album because it wasn’t quite good enough – but its still Elbow,and even a Guy Garvey offcut is better than most.

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