Top tracks of 2015: Number 11 – Richard Hawley, Drenge & Foals

OK, I am going to make a prediction. At some point in the next five years this track will crop up at a vital point in a Hollywood Romcom, go on to be a million seller and be murdered by X-Factor and Voice wannabes for many a year. However at the moment it is languishing on a puny 56k YouTube views, so we can enjoy it before it becomes the ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’ of the next decade.

A delightfully simple and straightforward song and a brilliantly controlled vocal that is the very opposite of the vocal gymnastics encouraged by talent shows.  ‘I Still Want You’ by Richard Hawley narrowly fails to make my top ten.

See Roy & Andy’s choices below and catch up on the list so far here


11 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 11 – Richard Hawley, Drenge & Foals

  1. My number 11 selection might well have been included in the 2014 list, but as it was certainly released as a single this year, and let’s not get started on “what is a single” again, it qualifies.

    I would never describe myself as a rock fan, but occasionally something of that genre catches my ear. Last year Royal Blood made a big impression on me, and this year, this lot, to a slightly lesser degree, have done likewise. I just love the opening build-up of guitars, although in this official video you first have to listen to the old farmer saying his piece! I’m not really sure that he nor the young girl who has her say about “the cycle of life and death” halfway through, actually add anything but it is the “official” version, so don’t blame me!

    Taken from their “Undertow” album which also contains the excellent “The Woods” track, here’s my number 12…

    1. Think it was released as a ‘single’ last year and re-released to accompany the album this year. They have a darker more post-punk sound than Royal Blood – actually remind me of Manchester’s great long-lost post-punks Dub Sex, in places. Very annoying video !

  2. My number 11 is from a band who have taken a seemingly effortless step-up to stadiums, without compromising the emotional power of their songs one bit. I could have chosen one of several tracks, but have chosen the title track from their latest, brilliant, album; not least for the opening line ‘I buried my heart in a hole in the ground’. This is from their incendiary, live, Jools Holland performance……Foals

      1. ‘promo video’ perhaps? I know what you mean. For many of our choices we seem to be faced with a choice of four main types of video:

        – official promo video
        – lyric video
        -Jools Holland/other TV performance
        – just the audio (rare but for the more obscure)

        Often the official video is the least interesting nowadays as (Coldplay -excepted) most acts seem not to care too much. Elbow don’t even seem to appear in their own official videos, just let someone shoot a heart-warming short film. After all, where will they get played except on YouTube given the absence of any music TV equivalent of 6Music.

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