Top tracks of 2015 – Number 12: Of Monsters & Men, Gaz Coombes & Public Service Broadcasting

I love Monsters & Men, but then I love most things Icelandic. Not only has a country with a headcount the size of Coventry produced The Sugarcubes and Sigur Ros, it has also adopted John Grant and has 639 residents with a UEFA coaching licence, resulting in it just becoming the smallest country to ever qualify for the finals of a major football tournament.  Even Wales has 10x more people to draw on.

Its latest musical success is Of Monsters & Men.  A hard to define group. At times they look and sound as if Frank Black & Bjork had replaced Nicks & Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac at others U2 meets Sigur Ros. Crystals is the lead single from their second album, which I have been playing a lot. On my list of bands to see live.

Scroll down for Andy & Roy’s choices and check out the list so far here.




5 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 12: Of Monsters & Men, Gaz Coombes & Public Service Broadcasting

  1. We’re getting to that stage in my run-down where inevitably there will be a certain amount of repetition with my fellow contributors, with artists, if not necessarily tracks. So, at number 19 in Richard’s countdown was “Detroit” from the “Matador” album. A very worthy choice, but for me it was the first single which really caught my attention. It’s not a very conventional song, but the quirky nature is arguably it’s greatest strength. He’s no longer young or green, and hopefully he still keeps his teeth nice and clean, but he’s most definitely “Alright” with me! Number 12…

  2. At Number 12, another track I suspect may well appear again later in the countdown. All the hallmarks of PSB are front and centre on this propulsive ode to the Apollo 11 space mission.

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