Top tracks of 2015 – Number 13: Guy Garvey, Guy Garvey & Everything Everything

Guy Garvey has made a solo album and this is the title track. It’s lovely. Sometimes less is more. Particularly in a coffee shop with crap wifi..

Check out Andy and Roy’s choices below (spoiler – more Guy Garvey) and check out the list so far here.

4 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 13: Guy Garvey, Guy Garvey & Everything Everything

  1. Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ! Unquestionably, 2014 belonged to Elbow, at least as far as our end-of-year lists were concerned (and do any other reviews really matter?!). They achieved the unique feat of having two number 1’s with two different songs, and their album “The Take Off and Landing of Everything” was warmly received. My, “unlucky-for-some”, number 13 comes courtesy of 20% of the Bury collective, although it must be said, as it’s from the lead singer, it’s quite an important 20%. This was the first single from his debut solo project, “Courting the Squall” – an album which increases one’s enjoyment with each and every listen (see above entry for further reinforcment!). Number 13…

  2. The album is touch and go for me, encapsulated by the choices above – like ‘Angela’s Eyes’ a lot (anyone else see a Cramps influence ?) less so the title track.

  3. I strongly suspect my number 13 will pop elsewhere in the countdown. Always a big fan of the incorporation of Motown/Northern Soul beats into angular indie-pop (Edwyn Collins take a bow). Wish they would drop the ridiculous Tabard-style costumes; makes them look like extras from Alice in Wonderland

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