Top tracks of 2015 – number 14: Hot Chip, Hooton Tennis Club & Charlatans

This is probably my favourite thing Hot Chip have done. Not their poppiest for sure and I don’t know whether it was a ‘hit’ or what defines a ‘hit’ in this targeted niche world we live in. The album it hails from grew on me as well. So here’s Huararche Lights.

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8 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – number 14: Hot Chip, Hooton Tennis Club & Charlatans

  1. There can’t be many bands 25 years plus into their career who release their career defining album, but that’s exactly what The Charlatans have gone and done in 2015. From the masterful ‘Modern Nature’, ‘Let The Good Times Be Never Ending’

    1. My favourite track from a great album. My only quibble would be that this is the heavily edited version, presumably for airplay, The album version, the second half of which is mostly instrumental is even better. Although this doesn’t have a video obviously. What city is that by the way?

  2. It’s turning into a very good year for Heavenly Records. You may recall that at number 20 in my list was Stealing Sheep’s “Deadlock” (you may not, of course!). And at number 14, we have more Liverpudlians in the shape of Hooton Tennis Club. Just like my number 18 selection, also not to be confused with Hootie and the Blowfish, I take it that this song makes reference to Mr. Johns, the American pop-artist. Admittedly, Bowie got their first with his “Andy Warhol” but referencing other cultural icons is never a bad idea in my book. I’m sure someone must have done a song called “Rothko” but without resorting to Google I’ll just wait for the contributors to put me straight. Right, number 14…

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