Top tracks of 2015: Number 15 – Will Butler, Gwenno & Laura Marling

Earlier in the year I posted the original video for this which just featured Will hopping about and the lyrics on screen. Now it seems to have been given the Hollywood treatment, with Emma Stone dancing around in a style (deliberately?) reminiscent of the turn that Christopher Walken did in Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon Of Choice’.

Will is of course one of the two Butler brothers in Arcade Fire. This has a very pleasing early 80s feel to it, recalling the innocence of when people were finding out what synths could do and so using them in a minimalist way.

Scroll down for Roy and Andy’s number 15s…




9 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 15 – Will Butler, Gwenno & Laura Marling

  1. Like my previous entry, my number 15 coincidentally finds herself one place lower than her previous entry, although in her case, it was some four years ago! That seems like a lifetime ago, as the prolific Ms. Marling has had a couple of albums out since then. This is taken from the most recent one, “Short Movie”. I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything about Gurdjieff or indeed his daughter. What I can tell you is that Laura looks uncannily like my brother’s ex-wife did about 25 years ago and if she comes round our house, she won’t be messing about on the roof, like in this video! Did she not remember what happened to Rod Hull?! Number 15…

  2. I think we corresponded earlier in the year about ‘Anna’ – was on my ‘long list’ but didn’t make the 20 – the new video is definitely an improvement ! I never know what quite to make of Laura Marling – quite like this but it sounds very familiar, can’t think what it reminds me of at the moment – Belle & Sebastien ?

    1. To me the Laura Marling vocal sounds very like early Chrissie Hynde – circa first two albums with the original Pretenders line up. Mind you that may be because I am reading her autobiography at the moment..:

  3. Its been a great year for Wales – qualifying for the Euros, beating England in their own Rugby World Cup and a Welsh language record being rightly acclaimed as one of the albums of the year. Cymru Am Byth. A pymtheg, dyma Gwenno, gyda ‘Chwyldro’.

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