Top tracks of 2015 – Number 16: Blur, The Maccabees & Teleman

Undoubtedly one of the albums of the year is Blur’s The Magic Whip. A wonderful surprise present that no one really expected turned out to be – arguably – their most complete and varied album to date. It’s release coincided with my trip to Singapore which seemed to fit perfectly with the album’s ‘East meets West’ narrative. I vividly remember listening to the album whilst idly sketching in a garden at Raffles (see above). The old colonial building was dwarfed by the sea of skyscrapers growing around it.  ‘There Are Too Many Of Us’ was released as a single – whatever that means nowadays – and has the feel of The Universal both musically and lyrically. This is a lovely performance from French TV.

Meanwhile Blur weren’t the only one of my favourite bands to make an unexpected and glorious comeback album this year, but more of that much later in my countdown…



8 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015 – Number 16: Blur, The Maccabees & Teleman

  1. For my number 16, I was torn between this track and the title track of their latest album ‘Marks To Prove it’. This one won out because of the way it slowly builds, before engulfing the listener with a wondrous rush of sound.

  2. I heartily agree with everything Richard says about Blur, and I ummed and aahed about whether they would make my list. Spoiler alert! In the end, I omitted them, mainly as there wasn’t one single track that stood out for me at the time I heard it. However, I’m delighted that “There are too many of us” is included here, as it’s one of many stand-out tracks on the album, but mainly as it’s one of my daughters personal favourites!

    I’ve explained in great detail about Richard’s number 16 choice, so I’ll keep my own explanation fairly brief. So, this group have actually slipped one place in the ranking from where they were in 2014, with their single “Skeleton Dance”. I believe this was a one-off single, as I don’t think they released a larger body of work this year, so hopefully that may see the light of day in 2016. Anyway, for the time being here’s their catchy “Strange Combinations”…

  3. What an amazing live proposition The Maccabees have become, saw them a few years ago in Brighton and they were very good but seem to have gone up a level since then.

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