Top tracks of 2015: Number 17 – Julia Holter, Slaves, Father John Misty

‘Have You In My Wlderness’, the latest album by Julia Holter, has almost universally been described by reviewers as being more ‘accessible’ than her past experimental works. This always worries me. It’s similar to when people encourage you to read a book by saying it’s an ‘easy read’ – as if the act of reading is somehow a chore in itself, a means to an end. For me the act of listening to music is an enjoyment in itself, regardless of whether the song is catchy (or the book has a gripping plot). It’s whether it is well written or sonically interesting that matters.

Anyway, Silhouette from the album is a lovely song, elevated to greatness in its final minute when it takes off into soaring Slowdive-esque cathedrals of sound.


You can then scroll down for Roy & Andy’s choices. You can also catch up on the countdown so far here



12 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 17 – Julia Holter, Slaves, Father John Misty

  1. Have to say that this passed me by. Meanders along innocuously until the last minute when it goes all ‘When The Sun Hits’ – pleasingly odd.

  2. Probably coming as no surprise to my fellow contributors, I’ve also chosen a track from the tattoed Tunbridge Wells terrible twosome. Altogether now “it wasn’t her fault….
    Number 17: Slaves, ‘Sockets’

  3. Absolutely no surprise whatsoever, as shown by my 19 entry!

    As for today’s choice, it’s definitely at the opposite end of the musical spectrum from Roy’s but it doesn’t mean to say you can’t enjoy both!

    It’s been more than four years since we had any new output from Fleet Foxes, and that’s just far too long for my liking. However, what we did have was an offering from their former drummer, Joshua Tillman. Don’t be surprised if you’ve not heard of him before, as he tends to adopt a different name on record. He’s been called a miserabilist folkster and a drug-fuelled hobo…you should hear what his enemies think of him! Taken from the wonderfully-titled album, “I Love You, Honeybear”, you won’t be surprised to learn that this man has a beard you could lose a badger in! Number 17…

      1. I actually much prefer Fleet Foxes, I find FJM and the attendant deification surrounding him as all a bit dull; although that said – I quite like his latest more rockier ‘single’ !

  4. I would also like to pint out that I was the first to post a ‘folk’ orientated track this year – what odds would you have got on that !!

      1. ‘Fleet Fox’…… I see what you did there…..or the odds on Chelsea firmly ensconsed in a relegation battle, or LUFC having only changed Manager once since the start of the season

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