Top tracks of 2015: Number 19 – Gaz Coombes, Slaves, The Unthanks

Well I’m a sucker for a gospel chorus, so was bound to like this one from Gaz Coombes ‘the former Supergrass frontman’ as journalists seem contractually obliged to clarify.  I was tempted to go for ‘The Girl Who Fell To Earth’ – a lovely song about his daughter that went down a storm at Glastonbury – but we have a strict one track per artist rule around here, so ‘Detroit’ it is. Also it has jogging in the video and my sister has been know to use these lists to find new songs to run to, so perhaps this is one for her iPod mini?

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7 thoughts on “Top tracks of 2015: Number 19 – Gaz Coombes, Slaves, The Unthanks

  1. For those of you who are familiar with my 2014 end-of-year tracks (admittedly a fairly small sample size!), you’ll remember that I was very partial to the debut album from Royal Blood. So onto 2015 and this years dose comes courtesy of these two-piece punk provocateurs. This single made a big impression on me at the start of the year, and they certainly went down well during the summer festivals. I gave the album a listen but it didn’t have the same immediate effect, although I suspect that one of my fellow contributors may be disappointed by that! It certainly does have one of the most memorable sleeves of the year, there’s no doubt about that. Number 19…

  2. Saw Gaz Coombes at Hyde Park on the Who bill and excellent he was too. Really like the album and ‘Detroit’ is particularly good. Of the many things that are great about Punk, its ability to pop-up in the most unexpected places and change shape and form are the most enjoyable e.g. a 30 something bloke with Tourettes from Nottingham rapping along to a laptop (Seaford Mods). In this case – a drum and bass duo from Tunbridge Wells.

  3. I had studiously avoided my next choice’s previous output of choral folk but this thing of spectral, haunting beauty caught me completely by surprise. Number 19; The Unthanks, ‘Flutter’

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