Top Tracks of 2015 – Number 20: Ghostpoet, Stealing Sheep & Magic Bones

So we are back for our fourth online Christmas countdown after many analogue years before that, dating back to the 90s I think  – Andy may be better placed to confirm when we started exchanging lists of our favourite tracks of the year inside a Christmas card. Certainly back in the days when putting it in Excel seemed pretty innovative.

I am going to declare the list season upon with my first nomination: ‘X  Marks the Spot’ by Ghostpoet & Nadine Shah. It’s actually ‘feat. Nadine Shah’ but I hate ‘feat.’ So ampersand it is.  A haunting track  I am sure you will agree. It’s from his third, duet-heavy album ‘Shedding Skin’.

So over to Andy and Roy to post their choices below – and if you want to join in as well, the more the merrier. Don’t worry about pre-empting later choices – we have plenty up our collective sleeve.

6 thoughts on “Top Tracks of 2015 – Number 20: Ghostpoet, Stealing Sheep & Magic Bones

  1. For my opening gambit, I’m choosing the most recent track to make my list which I discovered just two weeks ago when I found out that this band were supporting Everything Everything. Like all good researchers, I had a listen to their output the day before the gig and was rather taken with this slice of synth-pop. On Heavenly Records, and taken from their second album, “Not Real”, this Liverpudlian female trio put on a very accomplished support slot that night. According to Wikipedia, their influences include Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, Gary Numan and Can! I don’t want to name-drop (but I’m going to!), but whilst chatting to singer/guitarist, Emily, I did mention I thought there was a lot of 80’s influence in their music, and I think she concurred. Anyway, see what you think. Number 20…

    1. I can certainly see why they were chosen to support EE. Not heard it before but interesting, also reminds me of Sarah Blackwood’s post-Substar work. So were EE any good? Hopefully better than the mobile network of the same name with whom I have been having ‘issues’.

  2. Really like both of these tracks. I think I included Ghostpoet’s debut single in my 20 a year or two back. Definitely has something of Tricky and Massive Attack about him. Stealing Sheep are particularly interesting as they used to be an indie-folk act apparently – agree that they have definitely taken an 80’s/Ladytron influenced direction. ‘Apparition’ is also an excellent track.

  3. Been tough narrowing it down to 20 this year but for my first instalment I’ve chosen this. My mate in Australia put me on to this lot, I think they’re from Melbourne but this absolutely in the centre of everything I love about music – adrenalin fuelled garage rock/powerpop, boy/girl vocals and most of all a really great tune….I give you The Magic Bones

    1. I didn’t expect to like it based on the description – my current guitar rock-blindness ailment persists, but actually did enjoy this. They should have their own cartoon series. As Larry would say ‘pretty good’. If you have 19 songs better than this we should be in for a treat.

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